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Yves Edwards

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MMA Fighter Yves Edwards


Yves Edwards brought to you by Best Fighters.

Yves Edwards Biography - Yves Edwards MMA Record

The Yves Edwards Biography

Yves Ed'duvill Edwards was born September 30th 1976 in Nassau, Bahamas. Yves Edwards is a MMA fighter best known in the UFC, PRIDE FC, Bodog and EliteXC.

Yves Edwards is a 1 time Fight of the Night and 1 time Submission of the Night.

Yves Edwards Boxing Record
Total Fights = 2
Total Wins = 2
Wins by knockout = 2
Losses = 0

Yves Edwards Biography

Yves Edwards MMA Record

Yves Edwards MMA Record
Total Fights = 62
Total Wins = 42
Wins by knockout = 17
Wins by submission = 16
Win by decision = 9
Draws = 1
Losses = 19

Did you know?

  • Yves Edwards fights with a Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing and Thug Jitsu style

Yves Edwards MMA Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Todd Justice Win Submission
2. Joe Hurley Loss Decision
3. Tim Horton Win TKO
4. Raphael Perlungher Win Submission
5. Fabiano Iha Loss Submission
6. Louie Cercedez Win TKO
7. Thomas Denny Win Submission
8. Anthony Holiday Win TKO
9. Nathan Marquardt Loss Submission
10. Shannon Ritch Win Submission
11. Aaron Riley Win Decision
12. Stacy Coughlin Win TKO
13. Rumina Sato Loss Submission
14. Andy Mockler Win TKO
15. Cedric Marks Win Submission
16. Pete Spratt Win Submission
17. Danny Bennett Win Submission
18. Scott Bills Win TKO
19. David Harris Win Submission
20. Jeremy Williams Loss Decision
21. Bone Sayavonga Win Submission
22. Jeff Lindsay Win KO
23. C.J. Fernandes Draw Draw
24. Aaron Riley Win Decision
25. Matt Serra Loss Majority Decision
26. Kultar Gill Win Submission
27. Caol Uno Loss Unanimous Decision
28. Joao Marcos Pierini Win TKO
29. Kohei Yasumi Win KO
30. Rich Clementi Win Submission
31. Eddie Ruiz Win Unanimous Decision
32. Tatsuya Kawajiri Loss Unanimous Decision
33. Nick Agallar Win TKO
34. Deshaun Johnson Win Unanimous Decision
35. Hermes Franca Win Split Decision
36. Josh Thomson Win KO
37. Naoyuki Kotani Win TKO
38. Hermes Franca Win Split Decision
39. Dokonjonosuke Mishima Win Submission
40. Joachim Hansen Loss Split Decision
41. Mark Hominick Loss Submission
42. Seichi Ikemoto Win Unanimous Decision
43. Joe Stevenson Loss TKO
44. Mike Brown Loss Unanimous Decision
45. Jorge Masvidal Loss KO
46. Nick Gonzalez Win Submission
47. Alonzo Martinez Win Submission
48. James Edson Berto Win KO
49. KJ Noons Loss TKO
50. Duane Ludwig Loss Unanimous Decision
51. James Warfield Win Submission
52. Kyle Jensen Win TKO
53. Derrick Noble Win TKO
54. Mike Campbell Loss Unanimous Decision
55. Luis Palomino Win Unanimous Decision
56. John Gunderson Win Unanimous Decision
57. Cody McKenzie Win Technical Submission
58. Sam Stout Loss KO
59. Rafaello Oliveira Win TKO
60. Tony Ferguson Loss Unanimous Decision
61. Jeremy Stephens Win KO
62. Isaac Vallie-Flagg Loss Split Decision