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Winky Wright

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The Boxer Winky Wright


Winky Wright brought to you by The Best Fighters.

Winky Wright Biography - Winky Wright Boxing Record

The Winky Wright Biography

Ronald Lamont Wright was born November 26th 1971 in Washington, D.C.. Winky Wright is a boxer best known in the Light Middleweight and Middleweight.

Winky Wright is a 1 time WBC Light Middleweight Champion, 1 time WBA Light Middleweight Champion, 1 time IBF Light Middleweight Champion, 1 time USBA Light Middleweight Champion, 1 time WBO Light Middleweight Champion and 2 time NABF Light Middleweight Champion.

Winky Wright Boxing Record
Total Fights = 57
Total Wins = 51
Total Wins by KO = 25
Total Draws = 1
Total Losses = 5

Winky Wright Biography

Winky Wright Boxing Record

Winky Wright has beat big names such as Bronco McKart (3 times), Sugar Shane Mosley (twice), Felix Trinidad and went to a draw with Jermain Taylor.

Did you know?

  • Winky Wright has been in many music videos and the movie State Property 2

Winky Wright Products

Winky Wright Signed Boxing Robe
Winky Wright Signed Boxing Robe
Winky Wright Signed Boxing Trunks
Winky Wright Signed Boxing Trunks
Winky Wright Signed Everlast Boxing Glove
Winky Wright Signed Everlast Boxing Glove

Winky Wright Boxing Record

Fight Number Fought Against  Result Way of Winning
1. Anthony Salerno Win Unanimous Decision
2. Christopher Conrad Win TKO
3. Tony Graham Win TKO
4. Stedroy Bolus Win TKO
5. Jeff Johnson Win TKO
6. Lorenzo Bouie Win Unanimous Decision
7. Rocky Fabrizio Win Unanimous Decision
8. Edison Martinez Win TKO
9. Jeff Johnson Win Unanimous Decision
10. Glenn Major Win TKO
11. Gary McCall Win RTD
12. Lennell Strohman Win Unanimous Decision
13. Persephone Van Reenen Win TKO
14. Mike Howard Win TKO
15. Delfino Marin Win TKO
16. Carlos Santana Win TKO
17. Darryl Lattimore Win TKO
18. Roland Commings Win Unanimous Decision
19. Eric Holland Win Unanimous Decision
20. James Stokes Win KO
21. Leon Rouse Win KO
22. Gilberto Barreto Win TKO
23. Tony McCrimmion Win TKO
24. Armando Herrera Win KO
25. Orlando Orozco Win TKO
26. Julio Cesar Vasquez Loss Unanimous Decision
27. Ernesto Rafael Sena Win RTD
28. Tony Marshall Win Unanimous Decision
29. Anthony Ivory Win PTS
30. Leon Cessiron Win PTS
31. Larry LaCoursiere Win TKO
32. Anthony Ivory Win Unanimous Decision
33. Young Dick Tiger Win TKO
34. Jean Paul D'Alessandro Win Unanimous Decision
35. Andrew Council Win Unanimous Decision
36. Bronco McKart Win Split Decision
37. Ensley Bingham Win Unanimous Decision
38. Steve Foster Win TKO
39. Adrian Dodson Win TKO
40. Harry Simon Loss Majority Decision
41. Derrick Graham Win KO
42. Fernando Vargas Loss Majority Decision
43. Bronco McKart Win Unanimous Decision
44. Keith Mullings Win Unanimous Decision
45. Robert Frazier Win Unanimous Decision
46. Jason Papillion Win TKO
47. Bronco McKart Win DQ
48. Juan Carlos Candelo Win Unanimous Decision
49. Angel Hernandez Win Unanimous Decision
50. Shane Mosley Win Unanimous Decision
51. Sugar Shane Mosley Win Majority Decision
52. Felix Trinidad Win Unanimous Decision
53. Sam Soliman Win Unanimous Decision
54. Jermain Taylor Draw PTS
55. Ike Quartey Win Unanimous Decision
56. Bernard Hopkins Loss Unanimous Decision
57. Paul Williams Loss Unanimous Decision