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Vernon White

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MMA Fighter Vernon White


Vernon White brought to you by Best Fighters.

Vernon White Biography - Vernon White MMA Record

The Vernon White Biography

Vernon Verdell White was born December 3rd 1971 in Sparks, Nevada. Vernon White is a MMA fighter best known in the UFC, Pancrase and PRIDE.

Vernon White MMA Record
Total Fights = 62
Total Wins = 26
Wins by knockout = 10
Wins by submission = 8
Win by decision = 7
Draws = 2
Losses = 34

Vernon White Biography

Vernon White MMA Record


Did you know?

  • Vernon White fights with a Submission Wrestling style
  • Vernon White is trained by the Lion's Den

Vernon White MMA Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Takaku Fuke Loss Submission
2. Minoru Suzuki Loss Submission
3. Katsuomi Inagaki Win TKO
4. Ryushi Yanagisawa Loss TKO
5. Andre Van Den Oetelaar Loss Submission
6. Masakatsu Funaki Loss KO
7. Bas Rutten Loss Submission
8. Remco Pardoel Loss TKO
9. Katsuomi Inagaki Win Submission
10. Richard Saar Win KO
11. Todd Bjornethun Loss Decision
12. Leon Dijk Win Submission
13. Masakatsu Funaki Loss Submission
14. Takafumi Ito Loss Submission
15. Larry Papadopoulos Win Submission
16. Manabu Yamada Loss Submission
17. Gregory Smit Loss Decision
18. Katsuomi Inagaki Loss Majority Decision
19. Frank Shamrock Loss Submission
20. Yoshiki Takahashi Win Decision
21. Ryushi Yanagisawa Loss Submission
22. Takaku Fuke Draw Draw
23. Masakatsu Funaki Loss Submission
24. Minoru Suzuki Win Majority Decision
25. Yoshiki Takahashi Win KO
26. Osami Shibuya Loss Decision
27. Cees Bezems Win Submission
28. Iouri Oulianitski Win KO
29. Pedro Rizzo Loss KO
30. Mario Sperry Loss Decision
31. Vladimir Matyushenko Loss Submission
32. Brian Gassaway Win Submission
33. Kazushi Sakuraba Loss Submission
34. David Terrell Win Unanimous Decision
35. Vladimir Matyushenko Win Split Decision
36. Todd Medina Win KO
37. Allan Goes Loss Unanimous Decision
38. Marcos da Silva Win Submission
39. David Dodd Win KO
40. Marvin Eastman Win Split Decision
41. Joe Priole Win TKO
42. James Lee Win Submission
43. Mike Rogers Win Split Decision
44. Jeremy Horn Loss Unanimous Decision
45. Ian Freeman Draw Draw
46. August Wallen Loss Unanimous Decision
47. Marvin Eastman Loss Unanimous Decision
48. Chuck Liddell Loss KO
49. Chris Peak Win TKO
50. Justin Burgin Win Unanimous Decision
51. Matt Horwich Loss Submission
52. Alex Stiebling Win KO
53. Jason Guida Win TKO
54. Lyoto Machida Loss Unanimous Decision
55. Victor Valimaki Loss Unanimous Decision
56. Bobby Southworth Loss Unanimous Decision
57. Sam Hoger Win Submission
58. Mike Whitehead Loss TKO
59. Marcelo Tigre Loss TKO
60. Jeremiah Constant Win Disqualified
61. Lew Polley Loss Unanimous Decision
62. Jason MacDonald Loss Submission