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Travis Wiuff

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MMA Fighter Travis Wiuff


Travis Wiuff brought to you by Best Fighters.

Travis Wiuff Biography - Travis Wiuff MMA Record

The Travis Wiuff Biography

Travis Wiuff was born March 15th 1978 in Owatonna, Minnesota. Travis Wiuff is a MMA fighter best known in the UFC and PRIDE.

Travis Wiuff has beat big names such as Keith Jardine, Travis Fulton (3 times), Ricco Rodriguez, Jeff Monson and more.

Travis Wiuff Biography

Travis Wiuff MMA Record

Travis Wiuff MMA Record
Total Fights = 78
Total Wins = 63
Wins by knockout = 20
Wins by submission = 23
Win by decision = 20
No Contact = 1
Losses = 14

Did you know?

  • Travis Wiuff fights with a Wrestling style

Travis Wiuff MMA Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Jeff Greer Win Submission
2. Lenn Walker Win Submission
3. Keith Jardine Win KO
4. Mike Radnov Loss TKO
5. Chad Rafdel Win Submission
6. Chad Brady Win TKO
7. Chad Rafdel Win Submission
8. Josh Mueller Win Submission
9. Chad Rafdel Win Submission
10. Wesley Correira Loss Submission
11. Tom McCloud Win TKO
12. Kevin Jordan Win Unanimous Decision
13. Travis Fulton Win Decision
14. Johnathan Ivey Win Decision
15. Jason Godsey Win Decision
16. Vladimir Matyushenko Loss Submission
17. Brian Shepard Win Submission
18. Buddy Lewis Win Submission
19. Royce Louck Win Submission
20. Andy Montana Win Unanimous Decision
21. Kauai Kupihea Loss KO
22. DR Williams Win TKO
23. Royce Louck Win Submission
24. Chad Rafdel Win Submission
25. DR Williams Win Submission
26. Tony Mendoza Win Submission
27. Greg Wikan Win Unanimous Decision
28. Royce Louck Win TKO
29. Mark Tullius Win Decision
30. Travis Fulton Win Split Decision
31. Nate Sauer Win KO
32. Carlos Barreto Win Decision
33. Roman Zentsov Win TKO
34. Demian Decorah Win TKO
35. Leopoldo Montenegro Win KO
36. John Dixon Win TKO
37. Ruben Villareal Win Submission
38. Josh Hendricks Win Submission
39. Ibragim Magomedov Win Unanimous Decision
40. Antoine Jaoude Win Unanimous Decision
41. Renato Sobral Loss Submission
42. Ramaz Ahadulaev Win Decision
43. Matt Horwich Win Unanimous Decision
44. William Hill Win TKO
45. Jason Lambert Loss KO
46. Jimmy Westfall Win Submission
47. Ron Fields Win Submission
48. Fabiano Capoani Win TKO
49. Marvin Eastman Loss Majority Decision
50. Alex Schoenauer Loss Submission
51. Devin Cole Loss Unanimous Decision
52. Wojtek Kaszowski Win Unanimous Decision
53. Jason Guida Win Unanimous Decision
54. James Lee Loss Submission
55. Arthur Cesar Win Submission
56. Josh Bennett Win Submission
57. Jared Hamman Loss KO
58. Ralph Kelly Win Submission
59. Sean Salmon Win Submission
60. Wade Hamilton Win TKO
61. Travis Fulton Win TKO
62. Jesse Veium Win TKO
63. Marcelo Donald Pereira Win Unanimous Decision
64. Ricco Rodriguez Win Unanimous Decision
65. Chris Tuchscherer Win Unanimous Decision
66. Kazuyuki Fujita Win TKO
67. Muhammed Lawal Loss TKO
68. Steve Pilkington Win TKO
69. Stanislav Nedkov Loss TKO
70. Chris Barden Win Submission
71. Tracy Willis Win Submission
72. Waylon Goldsmith Win Submission
73. Justin Newcomb Win TKO
74. Mike Kyle NC No Contest
75. Chuck Hoskins Win Unanimous Decision
76. Jeff Monson Win Split Decision
77. Josh Barnes Win KO
78. Tim Hague Loss KO
79. Richard White Win Submission