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Tito Ortiz

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Fighter Tito Ortiz


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Tito Ortiz Biography - Tito Ortiz MMA Record

The Tito Ortiz Biography

Jacob Christopher Ortiz was born January 23rd 1975 in Santa Ana, California.  Tito Ortiz is a actor and MMA fighter best known with the UFC.

Tito Ortiz is a 1 time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, the UFC 13 Lightweight Tournament Runner Up and 1 time UFC Knockout of the Night.

Tito Ortiz MMA Record
Total Fights = 28
Fights Won = 17
Wins by Knockout = 8
Wins by Submission = 2
Fights Loss = 11
Draws = 1


Tito Ortiz Biography


Tito Ortiz MMA Record

Tito Ortiz has beat big names such as Guy Mezger, Jerry Bohlander, Evan Tanner, Elvis Sinosic, Ken Shamrock, Forrest Griffin, Patrick Côté, Vitor Belfort and more.

Tito Ortiz came to TNA in 2005 and knocked out wrestlers such as Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, James Storm and Chris Harris.

Did you know?

  • Tito Ortiz fights with a wrestling and boxing
  • TitoOrtiz is a CEO of Punishment Athletics mixed martial arts equipment and clothing line
  • Tito Ortiz has a MMA gym called Team Punishment Training Center
  • Tito Ortiz went to jail for 29 days in 1998 for battery with serious bodily injury and also got 3 years probation and 232 hours of community service
  • Tito Ortiz dated Jenna Jameson the porn star and had kids (twins) with her
  • Tito Ortez was in movies such as Zombie Strippers, Jet Li's Cradle 2 the Grave and The Crow: Wicked Prayer

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Tito Ortiz MMA Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Wes Albritton Win KO
2. Guy Mezger Loss Submission
3. Jeremy Screeton Win Submission
4. Jerry Bohlander Win TKO
5. Guy Mezger Win TKO
6. Frank Shamrock Loss Submission
7. Wanderlei Silva Win Unanimous Decision
8. Yuki Kondo Win Submission
9. Evan Tanner Win KO
10. Elvis Sinosic Win TKO
11. Vladimir Matyushenko Win Unanimous Decision
12. Ken Shamrock Win TKO
13. Randy Couture Loss Unanimous Decision
14. Chuck Liddell Loss KO
15. Patrick Côté Win Unanimous Decision
16. Vitor Belfort Win Split Decision
17. Forrest Griffin Win Split Decision
18. Ken Shamrock Win TKO
19. Ken Shamrock Win TKO
20. Chuck Liddell Loss TKO
21. Rashad Evans Draw Draw
22. Lyoto Machida Loss Unanimous Decision
23. Forrest Griffin Loss Split Decision
24. Matt Hamill Loss Unanimous Decision
25. Ryan Bader Win Submission
26. Rashad Evans Loss TKO
27. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira Loss TKO`
28. Forrest Griffin Loss Unanimous Decision