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Takanori Gomi

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MMA Fighter Takanori Gomi


Takanori Gomi brought to you by Best Fighters.

Takanori Gomi Biography - Takanori Gomi MMA Record

The Takanori Gomi Biography

Takanori Gomi was born September 22nd 1978 in Kanagawa, Japan. Takanori Gomi is a MMA fighter best known in the UFC and PRIDE.

Takanori Gomi is a 1 time Knockout Of The Night, 2 time PRIDE World Lightweight Champion (1st and last), PRIDE 2005 Lightweight Grand Prix Champion and has the record for the fastest knockout at 6 seconds.

Takanori Gomi MMA Record
Total Fights = 44
Total Wins = 34
Wins by knockout = 13
Wins by submission = 6
Win by decision = 15
No Contests = 1
Losses = 9

Takanori Gomi Biography

Takanori Gomi MMA Record

Takanori Gomi has beat big name fighters such as Jens PulverDuane Ludwig, Tyson Griffin, Mac Danzig and more.

Did you know?

  • Takanori Gomi fights with a Boxing, Freestyle Wrestling and Catch Wrestling style

Takanori Gomi MMA Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Hiroshi Tsuruya Win Unanimous Decision
2. Kazumichi Takada Win TKO
3. Takuya Kuwabara Win Unanimous Decision
4. Stephen Palling Win Submission
5. Takuya Kawabara Win Unanimous Decision
6. Johnny Eduardo Win Submission
7. Huanderson Pavao Win Unanimous Decision
8. Paul Rodriguez Win Unanimous Decision
9. Ryan Bow Win Unanimous Decision
10. Rumina Sato Win Unanimous Decision
11. Leonardo Santos Win Majority Decision
12. Chris Brennan Win Unanimous Decision
13. Dokonjonosuke Mishima Win TKO
14. Nick Ertl Win Submission
15. Joachim Hansen Loss Majority Decision
16. BJ Penn Loss Submission
17. Jadson Costa Win TKO
18. Ralph Gracie Win TKO
19. Fabio Mello Win TKO
20. Charles Bennett Win Technical Submission
21. Jens Pulver Win KO
22. Luiz Azeredo Win KO
23. Jean Silva Win Unanimous Decision
24. Tatsuya Kawajiri Win Submission
25. Luiz Azeredo Win Unanimous Decision
26. Hayato Sakurai Win KO
27. Marcus Aurelio Loss Technical Submission
28. David Baron Win Submission
29. Marcus Aurelio Win Split Decision
30. Mitsuhiro Ishida Win TKO
31. Nick Diaz NC No Contest
32. Duane Ludwig Win TKO
33. Seung Hwang Bang Win Unanimous Decision
34. Sergey Golyaev Loss Split Decision
35. Satoru Kitaoka Loss Submission
36. Takashi Nakakura Win KO
37. Tony Hervey Win Unanimous Decision
38. Kenny Florian Loss Submission
39. Tyson Griffin Win KO
40. Clay Guida Loss Submission
41. Nate Diaz Loss Submission
42. Eiji Mitsuoka Win TKO
43. Mac Danzig Win Split Decision
44. Diego Sanchez Loss Split Decision