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Sonny Liston

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The Boxer Sonny Liston


Sonny Liston brought to you by Best Fighters.

Sonny Liston Biography - Sonny Liston Boxing Record

The Sonny Liston Biography

Charles L. Liston was born in May 8th 1932 in Sand Slough, Arkansas and died December 30th 1970 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Sonny Liston was a professional boxer best known for his time in the Heavyweight division.

Sonny Liston Boxing Record
Total Fights = 54
Total Wins = 50
Total Wins by KO = 39
Total Losses = 4

Sonny Liston Biography

Sonny Liston Boxing Record

Sonny Liston is a 1 time World Heavyweight Champion.

Did you know?

  • Sonny was the 1st to knockout a heavyweight champion in the first round which was Floyd Patterson
  • He is ranked 15th in Ring Magazine's Top 100 Punchers
  • Sonny Liston died of a heroin overdose

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Sonny Liston Boxing Record

Fight Number Fought Against  Result Way of Winning
1. Don Smith Win TKO
2. Ponce de Leon Win PTS
3. Bennie Thomas Win SD
4. Martin Lee Win TKO
5. Stanley Howlett Win PTS
6. Johnny Summerlin Win UD
7. Johnny Summerlin Win SD
8. Marty Marshall Loss SD
9. Neal Welch Win PTS
10. Marty Marshall Win TKO
11. Emil Brtko Win TKO
12. Calvin Butler Win TKO
13. Johnny Gray Win TKO
14. Larry Watson Win TKO
15. Marty Marshall Win UD
16. Billy Hunter Win TKO
17. Ben Wise Win TKO
18. Bert Whitehurst Win PTS
19. Julio Mederos Win RTD
20. Wayne Bethea Win TKO
21. Frankie Daniels Win KO
22. Bert Whitehurst Win UD
23. Ernie Cab Win TKO
24. Mike DeJohn Win TKO
25. Cleveland Williams Win TKO
26. Nino Valdez Win KO
27. Willi Besmanoff Win TKO
28. Howard King Win TKO
29. Cleveland Williams Win TKO
30. Roy Harris Win TKO
31. Zora Folley Win KO
32. Eddie Machen Win UD
33. Howard King Win TKO
34. Albert Westphal Win KO
35. Floyd Patterson Win KO
36. Floyd Patterson Win KO
37. Muhammad Ali Loss RTD
38. Muhammad Ali Loss KO
39. Gerhard Zech Win KO
40. Amos Johnson Win KO
41. Dave Bailey Win KO
42. Elmer Rush Win TKO
43. Bill McMurray Win KO
44. Billy Joiner Win RTD
45. Henry Clark Win TKO
46. Sonny Moore Win TKO
47. Willis Earls Win KO
48. Roger Rischer Win KO
49. Amos Lincoln Win KO
50. Billy Joiner Win UD
51. George Johnson Win TKO
52. Sonny Moore Win KO
53. Leotis Martin Loss KO
54. Chuck Wepner Win RTD