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Shonie Carter

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MMA Fighter Shonie Carter


Shonie Carter brought to you by Best Fighters.

Shonie Carter Biography - Shonie Carter MMA Record

The Shonie Carter Biography

Mearion Shonie Bickhem III was born May 3rd 1972 in Chicago, Illinois. Shonie Carter is a MMA fighter best known in WEC and the UFC.

Shonie Carter has beat big names such as Dave Menne, Chris Lytle, Matt Serra and more.

Shonie Carter is a 1 time WEC Welterweight Champion.

Shonie Carter Biography

Shonie Carter MMA Record

Shonie Carter MMA Record
Total Fights = 84
Total Wins = 49
Wins by knockout = 11
Wins by submission = 14
Win by decision = 24
Draws = 7
No Contests = 1
Losses = 26

Did you know?

  • Shonie Carter fights with a Combat Do, Jujutsu and Shidokan style

Shonie Carter MMA Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Laverne Clark Loss KO
2. Chad Cox Win Submission
3. Daniel Vianna Draw Draw
4. Dave Menne Win Decision
5. Andy Sanders Win Submission
6. Todd Taylor Win Submission
7. Sean Brockmole Win Submission
8. James Clingerman Win Decision
9. Jesse Jones Win Submission
10. Carl Davis Win Submission
11. Dave Menne Draw Draw
12. Robert Masko Win Decision
13. Keith Wisniewski Win KO
14. Phil Johns Win Submission
15. Simon Posner Draw Draw
16. Pat Miletich Loss Decision
17. Steve Berger Loss Split Decision
18. Takafumi Ito Draw Draw
19. Kousei Kubota Win Unanimous Decision
20. Brad Gumm Win Decision
21. Kiuma Kunioku Draw Draw
22. Adrian Serrano Win Decision
23. Yoshinori Kawasaki Win Unanimous Decision
24. Chris Lytle Win Unanimous Decision
25. Nate Marquardt Loss Unanimous Decision
26. Joe Merit Win Decision
27. Steve Berger Loss Submission
28. Yuji Hoshino Win Unanimous Decision
29. Matt Serra Win KO
30. Pat Miletich Loss KO
31. Armin Eslami Win Decision
32. Kolo Koka Win Unanimous Decision
33. Randy Velarde Win Submission
34. Jay Buck Win Split Decision
35. Ronald Jhun Draw Draw
36. Mike Nomikos Win Submission
37. Fernando Vasconcelos Win TKO
38. Seichi Ikemoto Win Unanimous Decision
39. Jeremy Jackson Loss Unanimous Decision
40. Peter Angerer Win Decision
41. Ronald Jhun Loss Unanimous Decision
42. Kousei Kubota Draw Draw
43. Dax Bruce Win Submission
44. JT Taylor Win Decision
45. Jon Fitch Loss Submission
46. Gabe Garcia Win TKO
47. Karo Parisyan Loss Unanimous Decision
48. Jess Liaudin Win Decision
49. Jason Biswell Win TKO
50. Azred Telkusheev Loss Decision
51. Jody Poff Win Submission
52. John Cronk Win TKO
53. Buddy Clinton Draw Draw
54. Jorge Oliveira Loss Unanimous Decision
55. Nate Quarry loss TKO
56. Jason MacDonald Win Decision
57. Josh Haynes Win Unanimous Decision
58. Marcin Zontek Win Decision
59. Jonathan Goulet Loss Submission
60. Mike Pyle Loss Submission
61. Jason Black Win TKO
62. Alex Carter Win Submission
63. Marcus Davis Loss Unanimous Decision
64. Kris Fleurstil Win TKO
65. Joshua Taibl Win Submission
66. Chris Powers Win Unanimous Decision
67. Brad Zazulak Loss TKO
68. John Cronk Win Unanimous Decision
69. Demi Deeds Win TKO
70. Matt Major Loss Unanimous Decision
71. Allan Hope Win Submission
72. Ryan Scheeper Win Submission
73. George Lockhart Win Split Decision
74. Derrick Noble Loss Unanimous Decision
75. Danny Abbadi Win KO
76. Carlos Newton Loss Unanimous Decision
77. Anthony Macias Loss Unanimous Decision
78. Derek Smith Win Submission
79. Nabil Khatib Loss Split Decision
80. Dylan Andrews Loss Unanimous Decision
81. Rick Hawn Loss TKO
82. Torrance Taylor Loss Unanimous Decision
83. Jeremy Knafo Loss Decision
84. Rumen Dimitrov Loss TKO