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Semmy Schilt

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K-1 Fighter Semmy Schilt


Semmy Schilt brought to you by The Best Fighters.

Semmy Schilt Biography - Semmy Schilt Feuds

The Semmy Schilt Biography

Sem Schilt was born October 27th 1973 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Semmy Schilt is a Kickboxer and MMA fighter best known for his time in K-1 and the UFC.

Semmy Schilt is the 2009 K-1 World Grand Prix Champion, the 2007 K-1 World Grand Prix Champion, the 2007 and still now K-1 Super Heavyweight Champion, the 2006 K-1 World Grand Prix Champion, the 2005 K-1 World Grand Prix Champion and the 2005 K-1 World Grand Prix in Paris Champion.

Semmy Schilt Biography

Semmy Schilt Feuds

Semmy Schilt Kickboxing Record
Total Fights = 44
Total Wins = 37
Win by knockout = 17
Losses = 6
Draws = 1

Semmy Schilt MMA Record
Total Fights = 41
Total Wins = 26
Win by knockout = 14
Wins by submission = 10
Wins by decision = 3
Losses = 6
Draws = 1

Did you know?

  • Semmy Schilt has Dave Jonkers and Cor Hemmers as his trainers

Semmy Schilt Kickboxing Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Musashi Win Split Decision
2. Ernesto Hoost Draw Draw
3. Michael McDonald Win Unanimous Decision
4. Remy Bonjasky Win Unanimous Decision
5. Alexey Ignashov Loss KO
6. Jan Nortje Win KO
7. Montanha Silva Win KO
8. Petr Vondracek Win KO
9. Freddy Kemayo Win TKO
10. Naoufal Benazzouz Win KO
11. Glaube Feitosa Win Unanimous Decision
12. Ray Sefo Win Unanimous Decision
13. Remy Bonjasky Win KO
14. Glaube Feitosa Win KO
15. Ernesto Hoost Win TKO
16. Peter Aerts Loss Majority Decision
17. Musashi Win Unanimous Decision
18. Lloyd van Dams Win Unanimous Decision
19. Choi Hong-man Loss Split Decision
20. Bjorn Bregy Win KO
21. Jérôme Le Banner Win Unanimous Decision
22. Ernesto Hoost Win Unanimous Decision
23. Peter Aerts Win Unanimous Decision
24. Peter Graham Win Decision
25. Ray Sefo Win KO
26. Mighty Mo Win Unanimous Decision
27. Paul Slowinski Win KO
28. Glaube Feitosa Win Unanimous Decision
29. Jérome Le Banner Win TKO
30. Peter Aerts Win TKO
31. Mark Hunt Win KO
32. Jérôme Le Banner Win Majority Decision
33. Peter Aerts Win Majority Decision
34. Hesdy Gerges Win Unanimous Decision
35. Badr Hari Loss KO
36. Daniel Ghita Win Unanimous Decision
37. Alexey Ignashov Win Unanimous Decision
38. Jerome Le Banner Win KO
39. Remy Bonjasky Win KO
40. Badr Hari Win KO
41. Errol Zimmerman Win Unanimous Decision
42. Hesdy Gerges Win Majority Decision
43. Kyotaro Win Unanimous Decision
44. Peter Aerts Loss Majority Decision

 Semmy Schilt MMA Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Manabu Yamada Win Submission
2. Yuki Kondo Loss Split Decision
3. Ryushi Yanagisawa Loss Submission
4. Osami Shibuya Win Majority Decision
5. Guy Mezger Loss Decision
6. Masakatsu Funaki Loss Submission
7. Yoshiki Takahashi Win TKO
8. Takaku Fuke Win Submission
9. Yuki Kondo Loss Unanimous Decision
10. Minoru Suzuki Win KO
11. Satoshi Hasegawa Loss Submission
12. Masakatsu Funaki Loss Decision
13. Jason Godsey Win TKO
14. Yoshiki Takahashi Win TKO
15. Guy Mezger Win TKO
16. Masakatsu Funaki Win KO
17. Takafumi Ito Win Submission
18. Yuki Kondo Loss Decision
19. Gilbert Yvel Loss KO
20. Osami Shibuya Win Submission
21. Takafumi Ito Win Submission
22. Ikuhisa Minowa Win Unanimous Decision
23. Yuki Kondo Win Submission
24. Yoshiki Takahashi Win TKO
25. Yoshihisa Yamamoto Win KO
26. Osami Shibuya Win TKO
27. Bob Schrijber Win Technical Submission
28. Aleksei Medvedev Draw Draw
29. Pete Williams Win TKO
30. Josh Barnett Loss Submission
31. Akira Shoji Win KO
32. Masaaki Satake Win TKO
33. Yoshihiro Takayama Win KO
34. Fedor Emelianenko Loss Submission
35. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Loss Submission
36. Josh Barnett Loss Submission
37. Gan McGee Win Submission
38. Sergei Kharitonov Loss TKO
39. Min Soo Kim Win Submission
40. Guelmino Nandor Win KO
41. Mighty Mo Win Submission