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Rich Franklin

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Fighter Rich Franklin


Rich Franklin brought to you by The Best Fighters.

Rich Franklin Biography - Rich Franklin MMA Record

The Rich Franklin Biography

Rich Jay Franklin II was born October 5th 1974 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Rich Franklin is a MMA fighter best known in the UFC.

Rich Franklin is a 1 time UFC Middleweight Champion, 1 time Knockout of the Night and 1 time Fight of the Night.

Rich Franklin MMA Record
Total fights = 36
Wins = 29
Wins by knockout = 15
Wins by submission = 10
Wins by decision = 4
Losses = 6
No contests = 1

Rich Franklin Biography

Rich Franklin MMA Record

Rich Franklin as beat big names such as Evan Tanner, Jorge Rivera, Ken Shamrock, Matt Hamill, Wanderlei Silva (twice), Chuck Liddell and more.

Did you know?

  • Rich Franklin fights with a Freestyle Fighting, Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu style
  • RichFranlkin has Matt Hume and Jorge Gurgel as his trainers
  • Rich Franklin got the name ACE from Ace Ventura when Joe Rogan said he looks like a angry Rich Franklin

Rich Franklin Products

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Rich Franklin MMA Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Michael Martin Win KO
2. Eugene Pinault Win Submission
3. Rob Smith Win TKO
4. Gary Myers Win KO
5. Dennis Reed Win Submission
6. Aaron Brink NC No Contest
7. Travis Fulton Win TKO
8. Chris Seifert Win Submission
9. Dennis Reed Win Submission
10. Marvin Eastman Win Submission
11. Yan Pellerin Win Submission
12. Antony Rea Win TKO
13. Evan Tanner Win TKO
14. Roberto Ramirez Win KO
15. Edwin Dewees Win TKO
16. Lyoto Machida Loss TKO
17. Leo Sylvest Win Submission
18. Ralph Dilon Win Submission
19. Jorge Rivera Win Submission
20. Curtis Stout Win Submission
21. Ken Shamrock Win KO
22. Evan Tanner Win TKO
23. Nathan Quarry Win KO
24. David Loiseau Win Decision
25. Anderson Silva Loss KO
26. Jason MacDonald Win TKO
27. Yushin Okami Win Unanimous Decision
28. Anderson Silva Loss TKO
29. Travis Lutter Win TKO
30. Matt Hamill Win TKO
31. Dan Henderson Loss Split Decision
32. Wanderlei Silva Win Unanimous Decision
33. Vitor Belfort Loss TKO
34. Chuck Liddell Win KO
35. Forrest Griffin Loss Unanimous Decision
36. Wanderlei Silva Win Unanimous Decision