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Remy Bonjasky

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K-1 Fighter Remy Bonjasky


Remy Bonjasky brought to you by Best Fighters.

Remy Bonjasky Biography - Remy Bonjasky Pictures

The Remy Bonjasky Biography

Remy Kenneth Bonjasky was born January 10th 1976 in Paramaribo, Suriname. Remy Bonjasky is a Kickboxer best known in K-1.

Remy Bonjasky is the 2008 K-1 World Grand Prix champion, the 2004 K-1 World Grand Prix champion, the 2003 K-1 World Grand Prix champion, the 2003 K-1 World Grand Prix in Las Vegas II champion, the 1999 WPKA World Super Heavyweight Muay Thai champion and the 1998 IPMTF European Super Heavyweight champion.

Remy Bonjasky Biography

Remy Bonjasky Pictures

Remy Bonjasky has beat big names such as Valentijn Overeem, Ray Sefo, Vernon White, Bob Sapp, Francois Botha (twice), Ernesto Hoost, Mighty Mo, Gary Goodridge, Stefan Leko (twice), Jerome Le Banner, Alistair Overeem and more.

Remy Bonjasky Kickboxing Record
Total Fights = 89
Total Wins = 75
Win by knockout = 40
Losses = 14

Did you know?

  • Remy Bonjasky fights with a Muay Thai style
  • RemyBonjasky had Andre Mannaart and Ivan Hippolyte as his trainers

Remy Bonjasky Kickboxing Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
26. Valentijn Overeem Win TKO
27. Peter Verchuren Win Decision
28. Lloyd van Dams Loss Decision
29. Alexey Ignashov Loss Unanimous Decision
30. Rani Berbachi Win KO
31. Frank Otto Win TKO
32. Peter Verchuren Win KO
33. Ayhan Ozcelik Win TKO
34. Sergei Arhipov Loss Decision
35. Stanislav Bahchevanov Win KO
36. Attila Karacs Win KO
37. Jerrel Venetiaan Loss Unanimous Decision
38. Peter Varga Win KO
39. Jerrel Venetiaan Loss Split Decision
40. Ray Sefo Win TKO
41. Sergei Arhipov Win TKO
42. Melvin Manhoef Win Unanimous Decision
43. Errol Parris Loss KO
44. Petar Majstorovic Win KO
45. Mirko Filipović Loss TKO
46. Stefan Leko Loss Unanimous Decision
47. Antoni Hardonk Win Unanimous Decision
48. Bjorn Bregy Win TKO
49. Semmy Schilt Loss Unanimous Decision
50. Vernon White Win KO
51. Jeff Ford Win TKO
52. Michael McDonald Win Split Decision
53. Bob Sapp Win DQ
54. Peter Graham Win TKO
55. Cyril Abidi Win KO
56. Musashi Win Unanimous Decision
57. Tsuyoshi Nakasako Win KO
58. Francisco Filho Loss Unanimous Decision
59. Francois Botha Win Unanimous Decision
60. Aziz Khattou Win TKO
61. Akebono Win KO
62. Ernesto Hoost Win Decision
63. Francois Botha Win Unanimous Decision
64. Musashi Win Decision
65. Ray Mercer Win KO
66. Mighty Mo Loss Split Decision
67. Rickard Nordstrand Win Unanimous Decision
68. Alexey Ignashov Win Decision
69. Choi Hong-Man Win Unanimous Decision
70. Semmy Schilt Win KO
71. Sylvester Terkay Win Majority Decision
72. Jerome Le Banner Loss Split Decision
73. Mighty Mo Win Unanimous Decision
74. Gary Goodridge Win KO
75. Stefan Leko Win Unanimous Decision
76. Glaube Feitosa Win Majority Decision
77. Stefan Leko Win TKO
78. Badr Hari Win KO
79. Peter Aerts Loss Unanimous Decision
80. Melvin Manhoef Win KO
81. Bazigit Atajev Win KO
82. Paul Slowinski Win Majority Decision
83. Jerome Le Banner Win TKO
84. Gokhan Saki Win KO
85. Badr Hari Win DQ
86. Alistair Overeem Win Unanimous Decision
87. Melvin Manhoef Win Unanimous Decision
88. Errol Zimmerman Win Unanimous Decision
89. Semmy Schilt Loss KO