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Ray Mancini

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The Boxer Ray Mancini


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Ray Mancini Biography - Ray Mancini Boxing Record

The Ray Mancini Biography

Raymond Michael Mancino was born March 4th 1961 in Youngstown, Ohio. Ray Mancini is a former boxer best known in the Lightweight division.

Ray Mancini was a 1 time WBA Lightweight Champion.

Ray Mancini Boxing Record
Total Fights = 34
Total Wins = 29
Total Wins by KO = 23
Total Losses = 5


Ray Boom Boom Mancini Biography


Ray Boom Boom Mancini Boxing Record

Ray Mancini beat boxers such as Arturo Frias, Ernesto España, Duk Koo Kim, George Feeney, Bobby Chacon and Greg Haugen.

Did you know?

  • Ray Mancini was also known as Boom Boom
  • Ray Boom Boom Mancini was known for his whirlwind punching style
  • He and Alexis Argüello had one of the best fights of the 1980s
  • Boom Boom beat Duk Koo Kim so bad he died 5 days later

Ray Mancini Products

Ray &quotBoom Boom" Mancini Autographed Boxing Glove
Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini Autographed Boxing Glove

Ray Mancini Boxing Record

34 = Fights / 29 = Wins (23 by Knockout) / 5 = Losses