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Nate Marquardt

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MMA Fighter Nate Marquardt


Nate Marquardt brought to you by Best Fighters.

Nate Marquardt Biography - Nate Marquardt MMA Record

The Nate Marquardt Biography

Nathan Joel Marquardt was born April 20th 1979 in Lander, Wyoming. Nate Marquardt is a MMA fighter best known in the UFC.

Nate Marquardt is a 1 time Fight of the Night and 1 time Knockout of the Night.

Nate Marquardt has beat big names such as Yves Edwards, Shonie Carter, Jeremy Horn, Martin Kampmann, Demian Maia, Jake Ellenberger and more.

Nathan Marquardt Biography

Nate Marquardt MMA Record

Nate Marquardt MMA Record
Total Fights = 43
Total Wins = 30
Wins by knockout = 8
Wins by submission = 15
Win by decision = 7
Draws = 2
Losses = 11

Did you know?

  • Nate Marquardt fights with a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Jujutsu, Gaidojutsu, Kickboxing, Wrestling and Boxing style
  • Nate Marquardt trained Shane Carwin

Nate Marquardt Products

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Nate Marquardt MMA Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Mike Lee Win Submission
2. Josh Medina Win Submission
3. Jose Garcia Win Submission
4. Yves Edwards Win Submission
5. Josh Groves Win Submission
6. David Harris Win Submission
7. Genki Sudo Loss Submission
8. Anthony Washington Win Submission
9. Daiju Takase Win KO
10. Shonie Carter Win Unanimous Decision
11. Kiuma Kunioku Win Unanimous Decision
12. Kiuma Kunioku Draw Draw
13. Hikaru Sato Win Submission
14. Masaya Kojima Win Submission
15. Gil Castillo Loss Unanimous Decision
16. Yuji Hoshino Win Submission
17. Kiuma Kunioku Loss Majority Decision
18. Kazuo Misaki Win TKO
19. Seiki Ryo Win Technical Submission
20. Izuru Takeuchi Loss Unanimous Decision
21. Kiuma Kunioku Win KO
22. Izuru Takeuchi Win KO
23. Keiichiro Yamamiya Loss Unanimous Decision
24. Steve Gomm Win TKO
25. Yuji Hisamatsu Win Unanimous Decision
26. Ricardo Almeida Loss Submission
27. Eiji Ishikawa Draw Draw
28. Kazuo Misaki Win Unanimous Decision
29. Izuru Takeuchi Win Technical Submission
30. Ivan Salaverry Win Unanimous Decision
31. Joe Doerksen Win Unanimous Decision
32. Crafton Wallace Win Submission
33. Dean Lister Win Unanimous Decision
34. Anderson Silva Loss TKO
35. Jeremy Horn Win Submission
36. Thales Leites Loss Split Decision
37. Martin Kampmann Win TKO
38. Wilson Gouveia Win TKO
39. Demian Maia Win KO
40. Chael Sonnen Loss Unanimous Decision
41. Rousimar Palhares Win TKO
42. Yushin Okami Loss Unanimous Decision
43. Dan Miller Win Unanimous Decision
44. Jake Ellenberger Loss KO