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Miguel Angel Torres

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Fighter Miguel Torres


Miguel Angel Torres brought to you by The Best Fighters.

Miguel Angel Torres Biography - Miguel Angel Torres MMA Record

The Miguel Angel Torres Biography

Miguel Angel Torres was born January 18th 1981 in East Chicago, Indiana. Miguel Torres is a MMA fighter best known in the UFC and WEC.

Miguel Angel Torres is 1 time WEC Bantamweight Champion.

Miguel Angel Torres MMA Record
Total fights = 44
Wins = 40
Wins by knockout = 9
Wins by submission = 23
Wins by decision = 8
Losses = 4

Miguel Angel Torres Biography

Miguel Angel Torres MMA Record

Miguel Angel Torres has beat big names such as Manny Tapia and more.

Did you know?

  • Miguel Angel Torres fights with a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai style
  • Miguel Angel Torres was trained by Firas Zahabi

Miguel Angel Torres Products

Miguel Angel Torres MMA Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Larry Pulliam Win TKO
2. Dan Caesar Win Submission
3. Michael Reyna Win Submission
4. Kris Kramer Win Submission
5. Dan Caesar Win Submission
6. Cory Merriman Win Submission
7. Ricky Olson Win Unanimous Decision
8. Chad Bratton Win Unanimous Decision
9. Jesse Gudenschwagger Win TKO
10. Danny Alexander Win Submission
11. David Odle Win Submission
12. Mark Jaromillo Win Submission
13. Josh Mason Win Submission
14. Patrick Rodriguez Win Submission
15. Danny Long Win KO
16. Nick Mitchell Loss Unanimous Decision
17. Steve Reyna Win TKO
18. Craig Williamson Win Submission
19. Brian Szohr Win Submission
20. Lindsey Durlacker Win Submission
21. Ryan Ackerman Loss Unanimous Decision
22. Mustafa Hussaini Win TKO
23. Alex Khanbabian Win Submission
24. Jim Bruketta Win Submission
25. Mike French Win Submission
26. Dan Swift Win Unanimous Decision
27. Ryan Ackerman Win Submission
28. Joe Pearson Win Submission
29. Richard Nancoo Win TKO
30. Derek Collins Win TKO
31. Bobby Gamboa Win Submission
32. Charles Wilson Win Submission
33. Darius Turcinskas Win Submission
34. Jeff Bedard Win Submission
35. Chase Beebe Win Submission
36. Yoshiro Maeda Win TKO
37. Manny Tapia Win TKO
38. Takeya Mizugaki Win Unanimous Decision
39. Brian Bowles Win KO
40. Joseph Benavidez Loss Submission
41. Charlie Valencia Win Submission
42. Antonio Banuelos Win Unanimous Decision
43. Demetrious Johnson Loss Unanimous Decision
44. Nick Pace Win Unanimous Decision