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Matt Lindland

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MMA Fighter Matt Lindland


Matt Lindland brought to you by Best Fighters.

Matt Lindland Biography - Matt Lindland MMA Record

The Matt Lindland Biography

Matthew James Lindland was born May 17th 1970 in Oregon City, Oregon. Matt Lindland is a MMA fighter best known in the UFC.

Matt Lindland is a the 1994 Gold Medalist at the Mexico Pan American Championships in the Men's Greco-Roman wrestling in the -74kg class, the 1995 World Cup Silver Medalist and 1996 World Cup Gold medalist in the -74kg class, the 1997 Pan American Championships Silver Medalist inSan Juan and 2000 Gold Medalist at Santiago de Cali in the -76 kg class, the 1999 Pan American Games Gold Medalist at Winnipeg in the -75 kg class, the 2000 Olympic Games Silver medalist at Sydney in the -76 kg class and the 2001 World Championships Silver medalist at Patras in the -85 kg class.

Matt Lindland has beat big names such as Pat Miletich, Jeremy Horn, Carlos Newton and more.

Matt Lindland Biography

Matt Lindland MMA Record

Matt Lindland MMA Record
Total Fights = 30
Total Wins = 22
Wins by knockout = 8
Wins by submission = 7
Win by decision = 6
Losses = 8

Did you know?

  • Matt Lindland fights with a Greco-Roman Wrestling style
  • Matt Linland was suited for stealing 6 marijuana plants in March of 2011, ya you read that right

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Matt Lindland MMA Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Karo Davtyan Win TKO
2. Mark Waters Win Submission
3. Travis Fulton Win Submission
4. Yoji Anjo Win TKO
5. Ricardo Almeida Win DQ
6. Phil Baroni Win Majority Decision
7. Pat Miletich Win Submission
8. Murilo Bustamante Loss Submission
9. Ivan Salaverry Win Unanimous Decision
10. Phil Baroni Win Unanimous Decision
11. Falaniko Vitale Loss TKO
12. Falaniko Vitale Win Submission
13. Tony Fryklund Win Unanimous Decision
14. David Terrell Loss TKO
15. Mark Weir Win TKO
16. Landon Showalter Win Submission
17. Travis Lutter Win Submission
18. Joe Doerksen Win Unanimous Decision
19. Antonio Schembri Win TKO
20. Fabio Leopoldo Win Submission
21. Mike Van Arsdale Win Submission
22. Quinton Jackson Loss Split Decision
23. Jeremy Horn Win TKO
24. Carlos Newton Win Submission
25. Fedor Emelianenko Loss Submission
26. Fabio Nascimento Win Unanimous Decision
27. Vitor Belfort Loss KO
28. Ronaldo Souza Loss Submission
29. Kevin Casey Win TKO
30. Robbie Lawler Loss KO
31. ? ? ?