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Larry Holmes

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The Boxer Larry Holmes


Larry Holmes brought to you by The Best Fighters.

Larry Holmes Biography - Larry Holmes Boxing Record

The Larry Holmes Biography

Larry Holmes was born November 3rd 1949 in Cuthbert, Georgia.  Larry Holmes is a former professional boxer, who is known to be one of the greatest boxers of all time.  Beating such boxers such as Muhammad Ali, Ken Norton, Tim Witherspoon, Gerry Cooney, James Smith, Trevor Berbick, Eric Butterbean Esch and more.

Larry Holmes Boxing Record
Total Fights = 75
Total Wins = 69
Total Wins by KO = 44
Total Losses = 6

Larry Holmes Biography

Larry Holmes Boxing Record

Larry Holmes is a 1 time WBC Heavyweight Champion, 1 time The Ring Heavyweight Champion, 1 time IBF Heavyweight Champion and International Boxing Hall of Famer since 2008.

Did you know?

  •  Larry Holmes was know for his deadly left jab

Larry Holmes Items

Larry Holmes Autographed Everlast Boxing Glove
Larry Holmes Autographed Everlast Boxing Glove
Larry Holmes Autographed Everlast Boxing Glove
Larry Holmes Autographed Everlast Boxing Glove
Larry Holmes - Boxing Ring - Autographed 8x10 Photograph
Larry Holmes - Boxing Ring - Autographed 8x10 Photograph

Larry Holmes Boxing Record

Fight Number Fought Against  Result Way of Winning
1. Rodell Dupree Win Decision
2. Art Savage Win TKO
3. Curtis Whitner Win TKO
4. Don Branch Win Decision
5. Bob Bozic Win Decision
6. Jerry Judge Win Decision
7. Kevin Isaac Win TKO
8. Howard Darlington Win TKO
9. Bob Mashburn Win TKO
10. Joe Hathaway Win TKO
11. Charlie Green Win KO
12. Oliver Wright Win TKO
13. Robert Yarborough Win KO
14. Ernie Smith Win KO
15. Obie English Win TKO
16. Charlie James Win Decision
17. Rodney Bobick Win TKO
18. Leon Shaw Win KO
19. Billy Joiner Win TKO
20. Joe Gholston Win TKO
21. Fred Askew Win TKO
22. Roy Tiger Williams Win Decision
23. Tom Prater Win Decision
24. Horace Robinson Win TKO
25. Fred Houpe Win TKO
26. Ibar Arrington Win TKO
27. Earnie Shavers Win Decision
28. Ken Norton Win Decision
29. Alfredo Evangelista Win KO
30. Wendall Baily Loss Decision
31. Jodie Ballard Loss Decision
32. Ossie Ocasio Win TKO
33. Mike Weaver Win TKO
34. Earnie Shavers Win TKO
35. Lorenzo Zanon Win KO
36. Leroy Jones Win TKO
37. Scott LeDoux Win TKO
38. Muhammad Ali Win TKO
39. Trevor Berbick Win Decision
40. Leon Spinks Win TKO
41. Renaldo Snipes Win TKO
42. Gerry Cooney Win TKO
43. Randall Tex Cobb Win Decision
44. Lucien Rodriguez Win Decision
45. Tim Witherspoon Win Decision
46. Scott Frank Win TKO
47. Marvis Frazier Win TKO
48. James Bonecrusher Smith Win TKO
49. David Bey Win TKO
50. Carl Williams Win Decision
51. Michael Spinks Loss Decision
52. Michael Spinks Loss Decision
53. Mike Tyson Loss TKO
54. Tim Anderson Win TKO
55. Eddie Gonzalez Win Decision
56. Michael Greer Win KO
57. Art Card Win Decision
58. Jamie Howe Win TKO
59. Ray Mercer Win Decision
60. Evander Holyfield Loss Decision
61. Everett Bigfoot Martin Win Decision
62. Rocky Pepeli Win TKO
63. Ken Lakusta Win TKO
64. Paul Poirier Win TKO
65. Jose Ribalta Win Decision
66. Garing Lane Win Decision
67. Jesse Ferguson Win Decision
68. Oliver McCall Loss Decision
69. Ed Donaldson Win Decision
70. Curtis Shepard Win KO
71. Quinn Navarre Win Decision
72. Anthony Willis Win KO
73. Brian Nielsen Loss Decision
74. Maurice Harris Win Decision
75. James Bonecrusher Smith Win TKO
76. Mike Weaver Win TKO
77. Eric Butterbean Esch Win Decision