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Ken Shamrock

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Former UFC Fighter Ken Shamrock


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Ken Shamrock Biography - Ken Shamrock MMA Record

The Ken Shamrock Biography

Kenneth Wayne Shamrock was born as Kenneth Wayne Kilpatrick on February 11th 1964 in Macon, Georgia, U.S. is a professional MMA fighter (UFC, Pride FC and Pancarse) and former wrestler (WWF & TNA).

Ken Shamrock is a 1 time UFC Superfight Champion,  UFC Hall of Famer, 1 time King of Pancrase in 1994, King of Pancrase Tournament winner, 1 time WMMAA Heavyweight Champion and 1 time Pride Grand Prix 2000 Finals Superfight winner.  And the adopted brother of former UFC fighter Frank Shamrock.

Ken Shamrock Biography

Ken Shamrock MMA Record

Did you know?

  • Ken Shamrock wrestled in TNA (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling) and was a NWA World Heavyweight Champion
  • Ken Shamrock was a wrestler for the WWF (World Wresting Federation) and was a 1 time WWF Intercontinental Champion, a 1time WWF Tag Team Champion (with Big Boss Man) and 1 time King of the Ring in 1998
  • Shamrock was the 1st UFC Superfight Champion (which was later switched to UFC Heavyweight Championship)
  • Ken was the 1st MMA Heavyweight Champion in Japan
  • Ken Shamrock is the founder of the Lion's Den

Ken Shamrock Products

Ultimate Ken Shamrock VHS
Ultimate Ken Shamrock VHS

Ken Shamrock MMA Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Masakatsu Funaki Loss Submission
2. Kazuo Takahashi Win Submission
3. Takaku Fuke Win Submission
4. Patrick Smith Win Submission
5. Royce Gracie Loss Submission
6. Andre Van Den Oetelaar Win Submission
7. Minoru Suzuki Loss Submission
8. Ryushi Yanagisawa Win Submission
9. Matt Hume Win Submission
10. Bas Rutten Win Submission
11. Masakatsu Funaki Loss Submission
12. Christophe Leninger Win Submission
13. Felix Mitchell Win Submission
14. Takaku Fuke Win Submission
15. Alex Cook Win Submission
16. Maurice Smith Win Submission
17. Masakatsu Funaki Win Submission
18. Manabu Yamada Win Unanimous Decision
19. Leon Dijk Win Submission
20. Bas Rutten Win Submission
21. Royce Gracie Draw Time Ran Out
22. Minoru Suzuki Loss Submission
23. Dan Severn Win Submission
24. Larry Papadopoulos Win Submission
25. Oleg Taktarov Draw Time Ran Out
26. Katsuomi Inagaki Win Submission
27. Yoshiki Takahashi Loss Decision
28. Kimo Leopoldo Win Submission
29. Dan The Beast Severn Loss Split Decision
30. Brian Johnson Win Submission
31. Alexander Otsuka Win TKO
32. Kazuyuki Fujita Loss TKO
33. Sam Adkins Win Submission
34. Don Frye Loss Split Decision
35. Tito Ortiz Loss TKO
36. Kimo Win TKO
37. Rich Franklin Loss TKO
38. Kazushi Sakuraba Loss KO
39. Tito Ortiz Loss TKO
40. Tito Ortiz Loss KO
41. Robert Berry Loss TKO
42. Ross Clifton Win Submission
43. Pedro Rizzo Loss TKO
44. Johnathan Ivey Win Unanimous Decision
45. Mike Bourke Loss TKO