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Juan Diaz

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Boxer Juan Diaz


Juan Diaz brought to you by The Best Fighters.

Juan Diaz Biography - Juan Diaz Boxing Record

The Juan Diaz Biography

Juan Díaz was born September 17th 1983 in Houston, Texas. Juan Diaz is a boxer best known in the Lightweight and Junior Welterweight divisions.

John Ruiz is a 1 time IBO Lightweight Champion, 1 time Unified Lightweight Champion, 1 time IBF Lightweight Champion, 1 time WBO Lightweight Champion, 1 time WBA Lightweight super Champion and 1 time WBA Lightweight Champion.

Juan Diaz Boxing Record
Total Fights = 39
Total Wins = 35
Total Wins by KO = 17
Total Losses = 4


Juan Diaz Biography


Juan Diaz Boxing Record

Juan Diaz has beat big name boxers such as Julio Díaz, Jose Miguel Cotto and more.

Did you know?

  • Juan Diaz is also known as Baby Bull

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Juan Diaz Boxing Record

Fight Number Fought Against  Result Way of Winning
1. Rafael Ortiz Win TKO
2. Miller Vazquez Win KO
3. Juan Carlos Alvarez Win TKO
4. Starr Johnson Win TKO
5. Antonio Young Win TKO
6. Michael Lucero Win Unanimous Decision
7. Bradley Jensen Win Unanimous Decision
8. Mahan Washington Win Unanimous Decision
9. Carlos Horacio Nevarez Win KO
10. John Trigg Win Unanimous Decision
11. Scott Buck Win TKO
12. Ubaldo Hernandez Win Split Decision
13. Rudolfo Lunsford Win Unanimous Decision
14. Juan Carlos Juarez Win Unanimous Decision
15. Nelson Ramon Medina Win Unanimous Decision
16. Michael Davis Win Unanimous Decision
17. Peter Nieves Win Unanimous Decision
18. Roy Delgado Win TKO
19. Arthur Cruz Win TKO
20. John Bailey Win TKO
21. Eleazar Contreras Jr Win Unanimous Decision
22. Francisco Lorenzo Win Unanimous Decision
23. Joel Perez Win TKO
24. Martin O'Malley Win TKO
25. Lakva Sim Win Unanimous Decision
26. Julien Lorcy Win Unanimous Decision
27. Billy Irwin Win TKO
28. Arthur Cruz Win TKO
29. Jose Miguel Cotto Win Unanimous Decision
30. Randy Suico Win TKO
31. Fernando Angulo Win Unanimous Decision
32. Acelino Freitas Win RTD
33. Julio Díaz Win TKO
34. Nate Campbell Loss Split Decision
35. Michael Katsidis Win Split Decision
36. Juan Manuel Marquez Loss TKO
37. Paul Malignaggi Win Unanimous Decision
38. Paul Malignaggi Loss Unanimous Decision
39. Juan Manuel Marquez Loss Unanimous Decision