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John Dodson

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MMA Fighter John Dodson


John Dodson brought to you by Best Fighters.

John Dodson Biography - John Dodson MMA Record

The John Dodson Biography

John Thomas Dodson III was born September 26th 1984 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  John Dodson is a MMA fighter best known for his time in the UFC

John Dodson is The Ultimate Fighter 14 Bantamweight Tournament Winner, The Ultimate Fighter 14 Knockout of the Season and 1 time Knockout of the Night.

John Dodson has beat big names such as T.J. Dillashaw

John Dodson Biography

John Dodson MMA Record

John Dodson MMA Record
Total Fights = 19
Total Wins = 14
Wins by knockout = 6
Wins by submission = 2
Win by decision = 6
Losses = 5

Did you know?

  • John Dodson fights with a Kickboxing, Boxing, Wrestling and Gaidojutsu style

John Dodson MMA Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Zac White Win Submission
2. Yasuhiro Urushitani Loss Unanimous Decision
3. Johnny Velasquez Win Split Decision
4. Jared Moreland Win TKO
5. Joe Doherty Loss Unanimous Decision
6. Clint Godfrey Win Unanimous Decision
7. Jake Long Win TKO
8. Bill Boland Loss Unanimous Decision
9. Zac White Win Submission
10. Vern Baca Win TKO
11. Mike Easton Loss Split Decision
12. Jose Villarisco Win Unanimous Decision
13. Jose Lujan Win TKO
14. Pat Runez Loss Split Decision
15. Jessie Riggleman Win Unanimous Decision
16. John Moraga Win Unanimous Decision
17. T.J. Dillashaw Win TKO
18. Tim Elliott Win Unanimous Decision
19. Jussier Formiga Win TKO
20. Demetrious Johnson ? January 26th 2013