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Joe Riggs

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MMA Fighter Joe Riggs


Joe Riggs brought to you by Best Fighters.

Joe Riggs Biography - Joe Riggs MMA Record

The Joe Riggs Biography

Joseph Jonathan Riggs was born September 23rd 1982 in Sanford, Maine. Joe Riggs is a MMA fighter best known in the UFC and Strikeforce.

Joe Riggs has beat big names such as Kendall Grove, Chris Lytle, Nick Diaz and more.

Joe Riggs Biography

Joe Riggs MMA Record

Joe Riggs MMA Record
Total Fights = 48
Total Wins = 34
Wins by knockout = 16
Wins by submission = 15
Win by decision = 13
No Contest = 1
Losses = 13

Did you know?

  • Joe Riggs fights with a Wrestling and Boxing style

Joe Riggs MMA Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Ryan Roath Win Submission
2. Justin Lyon Win Submission
3. Joey Vigueria Win Submission
4. Homer Moore Loss Unanimous Decision
5. Andy Montana Win Submission
6. Jess Morton Win TKO
7. Joe Pardo Win Unanimous Decision
8. Allan Sullivan Win Submission
9. Lemuel Vincent Win TKO
10. Wesley Correira Loss KO
11. Herb Dean Win Submission
12. Travis Fulton Loss Submission
13. ? ? ?
14. Will Hammond Win TKO
15. Greg Wikan Win TKO
16. Andy Montana NC No Contest
17. Frank Alcala Win TKO
18. Cory Timmerman Win Submission
19. Alex Stiebling Loss Submission
20. Chris Kiever Win KO
21. John Renken Win KO
22. Dave Vitkay Win KO
23. Kendall Grove Win KO
24. Shane Johnson Win KO
25. Joe Doerksen Win Submission
26. Isidro Gonzalez Win TKO
27. Thomas Gil Win Submission
28. Ivan Salaverry Loss Submission
29. Rob Kimmons Win Submission
30. Chris Lytle Win TKO
31. Matt Hughes Loss Submission
32. Nick Diaz Win Unanimous Decision
33. Mike Swick Loss Submission
34. Jason Von Flue Win Submission
35. Diego Sanchez Loss KO
36. Dan Chambers Win Submission
37. Eugene Jackson Win KO
38. Cory Devela Loss Submission
39. Matt Dempsey Win Submission
40. Kazuo Misaki Loss Submission
41. Luke Stewart Win TKO
42. Phil Baroni Win Unanimous Decision
43. David Barnes Win TKO
44. Nick Almen Win Submission
45. Jay Hieron Loss Unanimous Decision
46. Louis Taylor Win Submission
47. Trent Thorne Win TKO
48. Jordan Mein Loss TKO