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Jeremy Horn

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MMA Fighter Jeremy Horn


Jeremy Horn brought to you by Best Fighters.

Jeremy Horn Biography - Jeremy Horn MMA Record

The Jeremy Horn Biography

Jeremy Graham Horn was born August 25th 1975 in Omaha, Nebraska. Jeremy Horn is a MMA fighter best known in the UFC, WEC and PRIDE FC.

Jeremy Horn has beat big names such as Chuck Liddell, Gilbert Yvel, Vernon White, Forrest Griffin, Court McGee and more plus went to a draw with Dan The Beast Severn.

Jeremy Horn Biography

Jeremy Horn MMA Record

Jeremy Horn MMA Record
Total Fights = 113
Total Wins = 87
Wins by knockout = 17
Wins by submission = 58
Win by decision = 12
Draws = 5
Losses = 21

Did you know?

  • Jeremy Horn fights with a Freestyle Jiu-Jitsu style

Jeremy Horn MMA Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Rick Graveson Win Submission
2. Mike Adsit Win Submission
3. Mark Hanssen Loss Submission
4. Nate Schroeder Win Submission
5. Nate Schroeder Win Submission
6. Gary Myers Win Submission
7. Dennis Reed Win Submission
8. Steven Goss Win Submission
9. Jason Godsey Loss Submission
10. Dan Severn Draw Draw
11. Travis Fulton Draw Draw
12. Pat Assalone Win Submission
13. Noe Hernandez Win Unanimous Decision
14. Travis Fulton Draw Draw
15. Frank Shamrock Loss Submission
16. Jaymon Hotz Win Submission
17. Todd Butler Win Submission
18. Clayton Miller Win TKO
19. Wayne Pittman Win Submission
20. Ebenezer Fontes Braga Loss Submission
21. Derrick Ruffin Win Submission
22. Jerome Smith Win Submission
23. Rich Nettleton Win Submission
24. Keiichiro Yamamiya Draw Draw
25. Nick Starks Win Submission
26. Rene Tremblay Win Submission
27. John Dixon Win Submission
28. Mark Walker Win Submission
29. Ken Parr Win Submission
30. Steve Berger Win Unanimous Decision
31. Chuck Liddell Win TKO
32. Brandon Wilson Win Submission
33. Jammy Daniels Win Submission
34. Todd Butler Win Submission
35. Mike Delaney Win Submission
36. Jim Theobald Win Submission
37. Justin Ellison Win Submission
38. Kristian Rothaermel Win Submission
39. Scott Ventimiglia Win Submission
40. Daiju Takase Win TKO
41. Adam Harris Win TKO
42. Jason Godsey Win Submission
43. Hiromitsu Kanehara Loss Majority Decision
44. Johnathan Ivey Win TKO
45. John Marsh Win Unanimous Decision
46. Aaron Pendleton Win Submission
47. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Loss Unanimous Decision
48. George Randolph Win Submission
49. Yoshihisa Yamamoto Win Submission
50. Kiyoshi Tamura Loss Unanimous Decision
51. Nate Parmelee Win KO
52. Jason Allar Win TKO
53. Keith Mielke Win KO
54. Ricardo Arona Loss Split Decision
55. Eugene Jackson Win Submission
56. Josh Hall Win Submission
57. Chris Haseman Win Submission
58. Randy Couture Loss Unanimous Decision
59. Elvis Sinosic Loss Submission
60. Griffen Reynaud Win Submission
61. Iouri Bekichev Win Submission
62. Brad Krane Win Submission
63. Demetrius Worlds Win Submission
64. Shawn Wagner Win Submission
65. Ricardo Arona Loss Majority Decision
66. Dan Theodore Win KO
67. Akira Shoji Win Unanimous Decision
68. Stephan Potvin Win KO
69. Greg Wikan Win Submission
70. Steve Funn Win Submission
71. Gilbert Yvel Win Unanimous Decision
72. Aaron Brink Win Submission
73. Kristof Midoux Win Submission
74. Travis Fulton Win TKO
75. Chalid Arrab Win Unanimous Decision
76. Homer Moore Win Unanimous Decision
77. Vernon White Win Unanimous Decision
78. William Hill Win Submission
79. Mikhail Avetisyan Win Submission
80. Forrest Griffin Win KO
81. Renato Sobral Loss Unanimous Decision
82. James Zikic Draw Draw
83. Dean Lister Win Majority Decision
84. Ron Fields Win TKO
85. David Loiseau Win Submission
86. Chael Sonnen Win TKO
87. Cameron Brown Win Submission
88. Anderson Silva Loss Unanimous Decision
89. Kyle Seals Win TKO
90. Chael Sonnen Win Submission
91. Kazuki Okubo Win KO
92. William Hill Win Submission
93. Josh Burkman Win Technical Submission
94. Spencer Canup Win KO
95. Chuck Liddell Loss TKO
96. Trevor Prangley Win Unanimous Decision
97. Chael Sonnen Win Submission
98. Matt Lindland Loss TKO
99. Falaniko Vitale Win Split Decision
100. Jorge Santiago Loss Submission
101. Court McGee Win Unanimous Decision
102. Nate Marquardt Loss Submission
103. Dean Lister Loss Submission
104. Rousimar Palhares Win Unanimous Decision
105. Chris Davis Win Submission
106. Jason Guida Win Submission
107. Joe Trujillo Win Submission
108. Victor Moreno Win Submission
109. Sean Salmon Win Submission
110. Brian Warren Win Submission
111. Bryan Baker Loss Unanimous Decision
112. Thales Leites Loss Split Decision