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Jason McDonald

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MMA Fighter Jason McDonald


Jason McDonald brought to you by Best Fighters.

Jason McDonald Biography - Jason McDonald MMA Record

The Jason McDonald Biography

Jason Anthony MacDonald was born June 3rd 1975 in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada. Jason McDonald is a MMA fighter best known in the UFC.

Jason McDonald is a 3 time Submission of the Night and 1 time Lnockout of the Night.

Jason McDonald has beat big names such as Chris Leben, Vernon White and more.

Jason McDonald Biography

Jason McDonald MMA Record

Jason McDonald MMA Record
Total Fights = 41
Total Wins = 25
Wins by knockout = 3
Wins by submission = 19
Win by decision = 3
Losses = 16

Did you know?

  • Jason McDonald fights with a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu style

Jason McDonald MMA Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Ken Manderson Win Submission
2. Shane Biever Win Submission
3. Bill Mahood Win Technical Submission
4. Chris Peak Win Submission
5. Shannon Ritch Win Submission
6. Cameron Brown Win Submission
7. Yan Pellerin Win Submission
8. Jeromie Sills Win Submission
9. Bill Mahood Loss TKO
10. Ulysses Castro Win Submission
11. Antony Rea Win Submission
12. Matt Horwich Loss Submission
13. Jason Brilz Loss Split Decision
14. Marvin Eastman Loss Unanimous Decision
15. Shonie Carter Loss Decision
16. Chris Fontaine Win Submission
17. Joe Doerksen Win Submission
18. Kalib Starnes Loss TKO
19. Patrick Cote Loss Submission
20. Gideon Ray Win Unanimous Decision
21. Jerry Spiegel Win TKO
22. Fritz Paul Win Technical Submission
23. Neil Berry Win Submission
24. Ed Herman Win Submission
25. Chris Leben Win Technical Submission
26. Rich Franklin Loss TKO
27. Rory Singer Win TKO
28. Yushin Okami Loss Unanimous Decision
29. Joe Doerksen Win TKO
30. Demian Maia Loss Submission
31. Jason Lambert Win Submission
32. Wilson Gouveia Loss Submission
33. Nate Quarry Loss TKO
34. Travis Lutter Loss Unanimous Decision
35. Solomon Hutcherson Win Split Decision
36. Vernon White Win Submission
37. Matt Horwich Win Unanimous Decision
38. John Salter Loss TKO
39. Ryan Jensen Win Submission
40. Alan Belcher Loss Submission
41. Tom Lawlor Loss KO