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Georges St Pierre

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Fighter Georges St. Pierre


Georges St. Pierre brought to you by The Best Fighters.

Georges St. Pierre Biography - Georges St. Pierre MMA Record

The Georges St. Pierre Biography

Georges St Pierre was born May 19th 1981 in Saint-Isidore, Quebec, Canada.  George St. Pierre is a MMA fighter and actor best known for his time in the UFC.

GSP is a 2 time UFC Welterweight Champion (Current), 1 time Interim UFC Welterweight Champion, 3 time Fight of the Night, 1 time Submission of the Night, Most consecutive title defenses in the UFC Welterweight division with 7, 2nd most wins in the UFC history with 17 and Most UFC Primetime appearances with 4.

Georges St. Pierre MMA Record
Total fights = 26
Wins = 24
Wins by knockout = 8
Wins by submission = 5
Wins by decision = 11
Losses = 2


Georges St. Pierre Biography


George St. Pierre MMA Record

George St. Pierre has beat big named fighters such as Karo Parisyan, Jason Miller, Frank Trigg, Sean Sherk, BJ Penn (twice), Matt Hughes, Matt Serra, Josh Koscheck (twice), Jon Fitch, Thiago Alves, Dan Hardy, Jake Shields, Carlos Condit, Nick Diaz and more.

Did you know?

  • Georges is also known as GSP & Rush
  • GSP fights with a Kyokushin Karate, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing style
  • In 2008 to 2010 Georges was named the Canadian Athlete of the Year
  • Yahoo Sports named St.Pierre the No.1 Pound for pound fighter in the world in 2009
  • Georges is in Death Warrior as "The Crusher" and Never Surrender
  • Georges St. Pierre worked as a bouncer in a night club called Fuzzy Brossard and he was a garbage man in Montreal, Quebec
  • Georges St-Pierre started training with Rashad Evans, Keith Jardine, Nathan Marquardt and other good MMA fighters before going to the UFC
  • St-Pierre had dreamed of becoming a UFC champion since watching Royce Gracie fight in 1993 at UFC 1
  • St-Pierre was a trainer on The Ultimate Fighter 4
  • George St Pierre became a fighter at the age of 7 due to a bully problem, which he took care of when he started to train in Kyokushin Karate
  • GSP won his 1st MMA fight when he was 16 in which he won by KO against Ivan Menjivar age of 25

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George St Pierre Autographed Boxing Glove
Georges St. Pierre Autographed Boxing Glove
Georges St. Pierre Autographed Boxing Glove

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Georges St. Pierre MMA Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Ivan Menjivar Win TKO
2. Justin Bruckmann Win Submission
3. Travis Galbraith Win TKO
4. Thomas Denny Win TKO
5. Pete Spratt Win Submission
6. Karo Parisyan Win Unanimous Decision
7. Jay Hieron Win TKO
8. Matt Hughes Loss Submission
9. Dave Strasser Win Submission
10. Jason Miller Win Unanimous Decision
11. Frank Trigg Win Submission
12. Sean Sherk Win TKO
13. B.J. Penn Win Split Decision
14. Matt Hughes Win TKO
15. Matt Serra Loss TKO
16. Josh Koscheck Win Unanimous Decision
17. Matt Hughes Win Submission
18. Matt Serra Win TKO
19. Jon Fitch Win Unanimous Decision
20. BJ Penn Win TKO
21. Thiago Alves Win Unanimous Decision
22. Dan Hardy Win Unanimous Decision
23. Josh Koscheck Win Unanimous Decision
24. Jake Shields Win Unanimous Decision
25. Carlos Condit Win Unanimous Decision
26. Nick Diaz Win Unanimous Decision