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Evan Tanner

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UFC Fighter Evan Tanner


Evan Tanner brought to you by The Best Fighters.

Evan Tanner Biography - Evan Tanner MMA Record

The Evan Tanner Biography

Evan Loyd Tanner was born February 11th 1971 in Amarillo, Texas and died September 8th 2008 in California. Evan Tanner is a former MMA fighter best known for his time with the UFC.

Evan Tanner is a 1 time UFC Middleweight Champion, the 1998 Neo Blood Tournament Winner (1st American) and 1 time USWF Heavyweight Champion.

Evan Tanner MMA Record
Total fights = 40
Wins = 32
Wins by knockout = 8
Wins by submission = 21
Wins by decision = 3
Losses = 8

Evan Tanner Biography

Evan Tanner MMA Record

Evan Tanner has beat big names such as Heath Herring, Elvis Sinosic, Robbie Lawler, David Terrell and many more.

Did you know?

  • Evan Tanner fights with a Freestyle, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling style
  • EvanTanner died in the desert on a adventure by himself

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Evan Tanner MMA Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Mike Kennedy Win Submission
2. Gary Nabors Win Submission
3. Paul Buentello Win Submission
4. Heath Herring Win Submission
5. Joe Frailey Win Submission
6. Jesse Gonzalez Win Submission
7. Heath Herring Loss Submission
8. Rusty Totty Win Submission
9. Wade Kroeze Win TKO
10. Dennis Reed Win Submission
11. Tony Castillo Win TKO
12. Ikuhisa Minowa Win Submission
13. Kousei Kubota Win Submission
14. Justin McCully Win Technical
15. Kiuma Kunioku Win TKO
16. Gene Lydick Win Submission
17. Ryushi Yanagisawa Win Submission
18. Darrel Gholar Win Submission
19. Valeri Ignatov Win TKO
20. Mike Cizek Win Submission
21. Leon Dijk Loss TKO
22. Vinny Nixon Win Submission
23. Raoul Romero Win TKO
24. Travis Fulton Win Submission
25. Lance Gibson Win TKO
26. Tito Ortiz Loss KO
27. Homer Moore Win Submission
28. Elvis Sinosic Win TKO
29. Chris Haseman Win Unanimous Decision
30. Shannon Ritch Win Submission
31. Rich Franklin Loss TKO
32. Phil Baroni Win TKO
33. Phil Baroni Win Unanimous Decision
34. Robbie Lawler Win Submission
35. David Terrell Win TKO
36. Rich Franklin Loss TKO
37. David Loiseau Loss TKO
38. Justin Levens Win Submission
39. Yushin Okami Loss KO
40. Kendall Grove Loss Split Decision