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Ernesto Hoost

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K-1 Fighter Ernesto Hoost


Ernesto Hoost brought to you by The Best Fighters.

Ernesto Hoost Biography - Ernesto Hoost Feuds

The Ernesto Hoost Biography

Ernesto Fritz Hoost was born July 11th 1965 in Heemskerk, Netherlands.  Ernest Hoost is a former kickboxer best known in K-1.

Ernesto Hoost is a 4 time K-1 World GP Champion, 2 time K-2 GP Champion, 1 time ISKA World Full Contact champion, 1 time WMTA & WKA World Light Heavyweight champion, 1 time WKA World Kickboxing champion, 1 time Muay Thai World Champion, 1 time Savate World Champion, 1 time WKA European Kickboxing champion, 1 time Savate European champion, 1 time ISKA European Full Contact champion, 1 time European Muay Thai Champion and 1 time Dutch Muay Thai Champion.

Ernesto Hoost Biography

Ernesto Hoost Feuds

Ernesto Hoost Kickboxing Record
Total Fights = 119
Total Wins = 97
Win by knockout = 62
Losses = 21
Draws = 1

Did you know?

  • Ernesto was a star in a batsu game Silent Library
  • Hoost was a police officer during the 24-hour punishment game at the Shakure Police Station in 2006
  • ErnestoHoost had Johan Vos and Tom Vriend as his trainers
  • Paul Slowinski and Ashwin Balrak are students of his
  • Hoost speaks 5 languages
  • Ernesto Host trained in leg strikes, wrestling and more with Pride FC fighter Fedor Emelianenko

Ernesto Hoost Kickboxing Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Wim Scharrenberg Win KO
2. Rijntjes Win KO
3. Ricardo Darsan Win KO
4. Drielle Win KO
5. Leo de Snoo Win Decision
6. Gerardy Win KO
7. Rob Floris Win KO
8. Andre Mannaart Win Decision
9. Roy Martina Win KO
10. Leo de Snoo Win Decision
11. Ernest Simmons Loss Decision
12. Jean-Yves Thériault Loss Unanimous Decision
13. Rob Kaman Loss Unanimous Decision
14. Pascal Ducros Win Decision
15. Ronnie Wagenmaker Loss KO
16. Kenneth Plak Win Decision
17. Latricin Win KO
18. Andre Mannaart Win KO
19. Francois Corremans Win Decision
20. Regis Lessaint Win KO
21. Sylvain Postel Win KO
22. Benoit Brilliant Win KO
23. Peter Aerts Win Decision
24. Kirkwood Walker Win Decision
25. Jean-Yves Thériault Loss Split Decision
26. Pascal Ducros Win KO
27. Francis Dauvin Win KO
28. Branko Cikatić Win DQ
29. Ernest Simmons Win KO
30. Seyoke Win KO
31. Rob Kaman Loss KO
32. Luc Verheye Win Unanimous Decision
33. Jan Wessels Win Unanimous Decision
34. Leo de Snoo Win Decision
35. Joe Caktas Win KO
36. Theppitak Sangmoragot Win KO
37. Rick Roufus Loss Unanimous Decision
38. Sanmark Win KO
39. Troy Hughes Win KO
40. Peter Aerts Win Majority Decision
41. Maurice Smith Win KO
42. Branko Cikatić Loss KO
43. Tasis Petridis Win TKO
44. Manson Gibson Win Majority Decision
45. Adam Watt Win TKO
46. Changpuek Kiatsongrit Win KO
47. Masaaki Satake Win KO
48. Tony Luciano Win Decision
49. Mark Russell Win TKO
50. Bob Schreiber Win KO
51. Davidov Win KO
52. Mark Russell Win TKO
53. Rick Roufus Win KO
54. Branko Cikatic Loss KO
55. Hubert Numrich Win KO
56. John Kleijn Win KO
57. Peter Aerts Loss Unanimous Decision
58. Andy Hug Win Majority Decision
59. Michael Thompson Win TKO
60. Maurice Travis Win TKO
61. Stuart Green Win KO
62. Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic Win KO
63. Andy Hug Loss Split Decision
64. Carl Bernardo Win KO
65. Jerome Le Banner Loss TKO
66. Ray Sefo Win KO
67. Duane Van Der Merwe Win KO
68. Mike Bernardo Win TKO
69. Shaun Johnson Win KO
70. Stefan Leko Win KO
71. Jerome Le Banner Win KO
72. Francisco Filho Win Majority Decision
73. Andy Hug Win Majority Decision
74. Peter Aerts Win Majority Decision
75. Jean Riviere Win KO
76. Musashi Win TKO
77. Maurice Smith Win Unanimous Decision
78. Tasis Petridis Win TKO
79. Sam Greco Loss TKO
80. Francisco Filho Loss KO
81. Igor Vovchanchyn Win TKO
82. Xhavit Bajrami Win Unanimous Decision
83. Andy Hug Win Unanimous Decision
84. Jerome Le Banner Win KO
85. Mirko Filipović Win KO
86. Sam Greco Win TKO
87. Rani Berbachi Win TKO
88. Paris Vasilikos Win KO
89. Lloyd van Dams Win Majority Decision
90. Jerome Le Banner Loss TKO
91. Mirko Cro Cop Filipović Win Unanimous Decision
92. Francisco Filho Win Unanimous Decision
93. Ray Sefo Win Unanimous Decision
94. Xhavit Bajrami Win Decision
95. Musashi Win Majority Decision
96. Sergei Gur Win TKO
97. Mark Hunt Win Unanimous Decision
98. Matt Skelton Win Majority Decision
99. Stefan Leko Win Unanimous Decision
100. Tsuyoshi Nakasako Win KO
101. Stefan Leko Win KO
102. Jan Nortje Win KO
103. Semmy Schilt Draw Draw
104. Bob Sapp Loss TKO
105. Bob Sapp Loss KO
106. Ray Sefo Win TKO
107. Jerome Le Banner Win KO
108. Jefferson Silva Win KO
109. Martin Holm Win Unanimous Decision
110. Cyril Abidi Win Unanimous Decision
111. Montanha Silva Win Unanimous Decision
112. Xhavit Bajrami Win Unanimous Decision
113. Glaube Feitosa Win Unanimous Decision
114. Remy Bonjasky Loss Decision
115. Semmy Schilt Loss TKO
116. Peter Aerts Win Majority Decision
117. Yusuke Fujimoto Win KO
118. Chalid Arrab Win Decision
119. Semmy Schilt Loss Unanimous Decision