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Edwin Valero

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Boxer Edwin Valero


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Edwin Valero Biography - Edwin Valero Boxing Record

The Edwin Valero Biography

Edwin Valero was born December 3rd 1981 in Bolero Alto, Mérida, Venezuela and died April 19th 2010 in Valencia, Carabobo. Edwin Valero was a professional boxer best known as a knockout king and one of the best Super Featherweight and Lightweight boxer of all time.

Edwin Valero is a 1 time WBC Lightweight Champion and 1 time WBA Super Featherweight Champion.

Edwin Valero Boxing Record
Total Fights = 27
Total Wins = 27
Total Wins by KO = 27
Total Losses = 0


Edwin Valero Biography


Edwin Valero Boxing Record

Edwin Valero has beat big name boxers such as Vicente Mosquera, Antonio Pitalúa, Héctor Velázquez, Antonio DeMarco and more.

Did you know?

  • Edwin Valero holds the record for the most knockouts in the 1st round with 18
  • Edwin Valero went to jail in April 18th 2010 for the murder of his 24 year old wife
  • EdwinValero was found dead in his jail cell hanging, this seemed suspicious to the doctor.  Now other people believe the police killed him because of the lack of evidence against him 

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Edwin Valero Boxing Record

Fight Number Fought Against  Result Way of Winning
1. Eduardo Hernandez Win TKO
2. Danny Sandoval Win TKO
3. Angel Alirio Rivero Win TKO
4. Luis Soto Win TKO
5. Julio Pineda Win KO
6. Danny Sandoval Win KO
7. Edgar Mendoza Win TKO
8. Dairo Julio Win TKO
9. Emmanuel Ford Win TKO
10. Roque Cassiani Win TKO
11. Alejandro Heredia Win KO
12. Tomas Zambrano Win TKO
13. Hernan Abraham Valenzuela Win TKO
14. Esteban de Jesus Morales Win KO
15. Jose Hernandez Win KO
16. Hero Bando Win TKO
17. Aram Ramazyan Win KO
18. Whyber Garcia Win TKO
19. Genaro Trazancos Win TKO
20. Vicente Mosquera Win TKO
21. Michael Lozada Win TKO
22. Nobuhito Honmo Win TKO
23. Zaid Zavaleta Win TKO
24. Takehiro Shimada Win TKO
25. Antonio Pitalúa Win TKO
26. Héctor Velázquez Win RTD
27. Antonio DeMarco Win RTD