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Dave Menne

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MMA Fighter Dave Menne


Dave Menne brought to you by Best Fighters.

Dave Menne Biography - Dave Menne MMA Record

The Dave Menne Biography

David Jeremy Menne was born July 29th 1974 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Dave Menne is a MMA fighter best known in the UFC.

Dave Menne is a 1 time UFC Middleweight Champion and 1st ever.

Dave Menne has beat big names such as Chris Lytle, Carlos Newton and more.

Dave Menne Biography

Dave Menne MMA Record

Dave Menne MMA Record
Total Fights = 61
Total Wins = 43
Wins by knockout = 5
Wins by submission = 14
Win by decision = 24
Draws = 2
Losses = 16

Did you know?

  • Dave Menne fights with a Freestyle style

Dave Menne MMA Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Sean Coultas Win TKO
2. Adam Fisher Win Submission
3. Duane Bressinger Win Submission
4. Tim Wills Win Submission
5. Shonie Carter Loss Decision
6. LaVerne Clark Win Submission
7. Jesse Jones Loss Submission
8. Adrian Serrano Loss Decision
9. Henry Matamoros Win Decision
10. Phil Johns Win Decision
11. Andy Sanders Win Decision
12. Shonie Carter Draw Draw
13. Adam Johnson Win TKO
14. Matt Hughes Loss Decision
15. Brett Jones Win Submission
16. Vernon Yates Win Submission
17. Ken Parham Win Decision
18. Mike McClure Win Submission
19. Jim Czajkowski Win Submission
20. Dennis Hallman Win Unanimous Decision
21. Jesse Jones Win Decision
22. Brent Medley Win TKO
23. CJ Fernandes Win Submission
24. Joe Geromiller Win Submission
25. Mark Walker Win Submission
26. Jutaro Nakao Win Unanimous Decision
27. Chris Lytle Win Unanimous Decision
28. Laverne Clark Win Submission
29. Kiyoshi Tamura Loss Unanimous Decision
30. Fabiano Iha Win Decision
31. Jose Landi-Jons Win Majority Decision
32. Ryuki Ueyama Draw Draw
33. Chris Munsen Loss Unanimous Decision
34. Roberto Traven Win Unanimous Decision
35. Wataru Sakata Win Submission
36. Carlos Newton Win Unanimous Decision
37. Shamir Maromegob Win Unanimous Decision
38. Karimula Barkalaev Win Unanimous Decision
39. Hiromitsu Kanehara Loss TKO
40. Gil Castillo Win Unanimous Decision
41. Murilo Bustamante Loss TKO
42. Robert Ferguson Win Forfeit
43. Phil Baroni Loss KO
44. Todd Carney Win Submission
45. Dennis Reed Win TKO
46. Hayato Sakurai Loss TKO
47. Sam Cleveland Win TKO
48. Falaniko Vitale Loss Unanimous Decision
49. Leo Sylvest Win Submission
50. Todd Carney Win Decision
51. Eddie Sanchez Win Submission
52. Trevor Garrett Win Split Decision
53. Jerry Spiegel Win Submission
54. Ed Herman Loss TKO
55. Jake Shields Loss Unanimous Decision
56. Alex Reid Win Unanimous Decision
57. Josh Koscheck Loss Unanimous Decision
58. Luigi Fioravanti Loss TKO
59. Travis McCollough Win TKO
60. Norman Paraisy Win Submission
61. Omar De La Cruz Loss TKO
62. Adrian Miles Win Unanimous Decision