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Dan Severn

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MMA Fighter Dan Severn


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Dan Severn Biography - Dan Severn MMA Record

The Dan Severn Biography

Daniel DeWayne Severn was born June 8th 1958 in Coldwater, Michigan.  Dan Severn is a mixed martial artist, professional wrestler and WWF Wrestler best known in Pride FC, King of the Cage, Cage Rage, WEC, UFC and the WWE

Dan The Beast Severn is the UFC 5 Champion, the UFC Ultimate Ultimate 1995 Champion, the UFC 9 Superfight Champion and a UFC Hall of Famer.

In the UFC, he fought big names like Royce Gracie, Oleg Taktarov, Tank Abbott, Ken Shamrock, Mark Coleman, Jeremy Horn, Kimo Leopoldo and Forrest Griffin.

In the WWF, Dan Severn fought wrestlers like

Dan The Beast Severn Biography

Dan The Beast Severn MMA Record

Dan The Beast Severn MMA Record
Total Fights = 122
Total Wins = 98
Wins by knockout = 16
Wins by submission = 60
Win by decision = 23
Draws = 7
Losses = 17

Did you know?

  • In wrestling, Dan Severn is a Arizona State University wrestling Hall of Famer, a 1980 Summer Olympic team alternate, he won 13 National AAU wrestling championships from 82 to 94, a 1984 Summer Olympic team alternate, the 1985 Canada Cup Gold Medalist and a 1988 Summer Olympic team alternate
  • Dan The Beast Severn had Jim Cornette has his manager in the WWF
  • DanSevern runs an independent wrestling promotion called Price of Glory
  • Dan Sevarn's MMA record is 117 fights, 94 Wins, 15 by knockout, 54 by submission, 16 looses and 7 draws
  • Dan The Best Severn help train fighters like Don Fry, Rashad Evans and more

Dan Severn MMA Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Anthony Macias Win Submission
2. Marcus Bossett Win Submission
3. Royce Gracie Loss Submission
4. Joe Charles Win Submission
5. Oleg Taktarov Win TKO
6. Dave Beneteau Win Submission
7. Ken Shamrock Loss Submission
8. Paul Varelans Win Submission
9. Tank Abbott Win Unanimous Decision
10. Oleg Taktarov Win Unanimous Decision
11. Ken Shamrock Win Split Decision
12. Doug Murphy Win Submission
13. Dennis Reed Win Submission
14. Mario Neto Win Decision
15. Mitsuhiro Matsunaga Win Submission
16. Steven Goss Win Submission
17. Mark Coleman Loss Submission
18. John Renfroe Win TKO
19. Jeremy Horn Draw Draw
20. Ebenezer Fontes Braga Win TKO
21. Paul Buentello Win Submission
22. Lance Gibson Win Submission
23. John Dixon Win Submission
24. John Renfroe Win Submission
25. Kimo Draw Draw
26. Kevin Rosier Win TKO
27. Travis Fulton Win Submission
28. John Calvo Win TKO
29. Steve Miller Win Submission
30. Sam Adkins Win Submission
31. Chris Franco Win TKO
32. Pat Miletich Draw Draw
33. Joe Frailey Win Submission
34. Kevin Rosier Win Submission
35. Ross Quam Win Submission
36. Slade Martin Win Submission
37. Brad Kohler Win TKO
38. Nick Starks Win Decision
39. David Ferguson Win Submission
40. Phil Ortiz Win Submission
41. Mark Jaquith Win Decision
42. Josh Barnett Loss Submission
43. Bart Vale Win TKO
44. Marcus Silveira Win Submission
45. Ron Rumpf Win Submission
46. Robert Stines Win Submission
47. John Dixon Win Submission
48. Andrei Kopylov Win Unanimous Decision
49. Pedro Rizzo Loss Submission
50. Travis Fulton Win Submission
51. Aaron Keeney Win Submission
52. Jonathan Wiezorek Loss Submission
53. Harry Moskowitz Win Submission
54. Wes Sims Win Decision
55. Travis Fulton Win Decision
56. Lenn Walker Win Submission
57. Travis Fulton Draw Draw
58. Forrest Griffin Win Decision
59. Steve Sayegh Win Submission
60. John Jensen Win TKO
61. Dan Christison Win Decision
62. Mark Smith Win Submission
63. Justin Eilers Win Unanimous Decision
64. Mike Ward Win Submission
65. Pat Stano Draw Draw
66. Ulysses Castro Loss Decision
67. Cory Timmerman Win Unanimous Decision
68. Shane Moore Win Submission
69. Dan Christison Win Split Decision
70. Gary Dudley Win TKO
71. Homer Moore Draw Draw
72. Mathias Hughes Win Submission
73. Ray Seraille Win Submission
74. Seth Petruzelli Loss Unanimous Decision
75. Jerry Vrbanovic Draw Draw
76. Ulysses Castro Loss Submission
77. Tony Bonello Loss Submission
78. Johnathan Ivey Win Unanimous Decision
79. Greg Lockhart Win Submission
80. Ruben Villareal Win Split Decision
81. Hidetada Irie Win Unanimous Decision
82. Chad Rafdel Win TKO
83. James Thompson Loss Unanimous Decision
84. Lee Mein Win TKO
85. Cal Worsham Win TKO
86. Shannon Ritch Win Submission
87. Shannon Ritch Win Submission
88. Rick Collup Win Submission
89. Victor Valimaki Loss Unanimous Decision
90. Tyson Smith Win Submission
91. Joop Kasteel Loss KO
92. Victor Vincelette Win Submission
93. Robert Berry Win Submission
94. Lanny Griffin Win Submission
95. Skip Hall Win Submission
96. Brian Heden Win Decision
97. Chris Clark Win Submission
98. Wade Hamilton Win Submission
99. Dave Legeno Loss Unanimous Decision
100. Clifford Coon Win Submission
101. Kasey Geyer Win Submission
102. Jason Keith Win Submission
103. Terrell Pree Win Submission
104. Victor Vincelette Win Submission
105. Mark Smith Win TKO
106. Jimmy Westfall Win Unanimous Decision
107. Don Richard Win Unanimous Decision
108. Ian Asham Win Submission
109. Colin Robinson Win Unanimous Decision
110. Damon Clark Win Submission
111. Pavel Botka Loss Decision
112. William Richey Loss Unanimous Decision
113. Steve Eakins Win Unanimous Decision
114. Woody Young Win Submission
115. Buddie Dixion Win TKO
116. Sam Flood Win Submission
117. Chad Olmstead Win TKO
118. Tom Benesocky Win Submission
119. William Hatch Win Submission
120. Scott Fraser Win Submission
121. Cal Worsham Win Unanimous Decision
122. Ryan Fortin Loss TKO
123. Nate Woodger ? May 20th 2011