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Bart Palaszewski

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MMA Fighter Bart Palaszewski


Bart Palaszewski brought to you by Best Fighters.

Bart Palaszewski Biography - Bart Palaszewski MMA Record

The Bart Palaszewski Biography

Bart K. Palaszewski was born May 30th 1983 in Warsaw, Poland. Bart Palaszewski is a MMA fighter best known for his time in the UFC and the WEC.

Bart Palaszewski is a 1 time Knockout of the Night and 1 time WEC Knockout of the Night.

Bart Palaszewski has beat big names such as Anthony Pettis, Tyson Griffin and more.

Bart Palaszewski Biography

Bart Palaszewski MMA Record

Bart Palaszewski MMA Record
Total Fights = 52
Total Wins = 36
Wins by knockout = 17
Wins by submission = 11
Win by decision = 8
Losses = 16

Did you know?

  • Bart Palaszewski fights with a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu style

Bart Palaszewski MMA Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Cole Escovedo Loss Submission
2. Jim Bruketta Loss Decision
3. Brian Szohr Loss Decision
4. Darrell Smith Loss Decision
5. Carlos Armanqui Concha Win Submission
6. Kendrick Johnson Win Submission
7. Tom Kirk Win Unanimous Decision
8. Jay Estrada Win TKO
9. Jason Bender Win Unanimous Decision
10. Mark Long Win Submission
11. Tim Newland Win Submission
12. Komei Okada Win TKO
13. Kolo Koka Loss Unanimous Decision
14. Masayuki Okude Win KO
15. Jay Estrada Win Submission
16. Gesias Cavalcante Loss Submission
17. Virgil Strzelecki Win KO
18. Luke Caudillo Win Submission
19. Ryan Ackerman Win KO
20. Joe Jordan Win Unanimous Decision
21. Andrew Chappelle Win Unanimous Decision
22. Clay Guida Loss Unanimous Decision
23. Josh Koon Win KO
24. Kyle Watson Win KO
25. Luke Spencer Win Submission
26. Kyle Brees Win Submission
27. Wayne Weems Win TKO
28. Jay Ellis Win Submission
29. John Shackelford Win TKO
30. Steve Bruno Win KO
31. Marcio Feitosa Win Split Decision
32. Ivan Menjivar Win Split Decision
33. Ryan Schultz Win KO
34. Chris Horodecki Loss Split Decision
35. John Gunderson Win Split Decision
36. John Strawn Win KO
37. Harris Sarmiento Win Submission
38. Deividas Taurosevičius Loss Technical Submission
39. Chris Horodecki Loss Split Decision
40. Jim Miller Loss Unanimous Decision
41. Jeff Cox Win TKO
42. Alex Karalexis Win TKO
43. Ricardo Lamas Loss Unanimous Decision
44. Anthony Njokuani Loss TKO
45. Tyler Combs Win TKO
46. Anthony Pettis Win Split Decision
47. Karen Darabedyan Win Submission
48. Zach Micklewright Win KO
49. Kamal Shalorus Loss Split Decision
50. Tyson Griffin Win KO
51. Hatsu Hioki Loss Unanimous Decision
52. Diego Nunes Loss Unanimous Decision