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Andy Hug

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Fighter Andy Hug


Andy Hug brought to you by The Best Fighters.

Andy Hug Biography - Andy Hug MMA Record

The Andy Hug Biography

Andreas Hug was born September 7th 1964 in Wohlen, Switzerland. Andy Hug is a Kickboxer best known in K-1.

Andy Hug is the 1996 K-1 Grand Prix Champion, the 1996 to 2000 W.K.A. World Muay Thai Super Heavyweight Champion, the 1996 W.M.T.C. World Super Heavyweight Champion and the 1994 to 1996 U.K.F. World Super Heavyweight Champion.

Andy Hug has beat big names such as Patrick Smith, Jeff Roufus, Branko Cikatić, Jérôme Le Banner, Maurice Smith and many more.


Andy Hug Biography


Andy Hug MMA Record

Andy Hug Kickboxing Records
Total Fights = 48
Total Wins = 38
Wins by knockout = 22
Win by Decision = 16
Draws = 1
Losses = 9

Did you know?

  • Andy Hug fights with a Kyokushin and Seidokaikan style

Andy Hug Kickboxing Record

Fight Number Fought Against Result Way of Winning
1. Nobuaki Kakuda Win KO
2. Ryuji Murakami Win KO
3. Eric Albert Win KO
4. Branko Cikatic Win Unanimous Decision
5. Patrick Smith Loss KO
6. Patrick Smith Win KO
7. Jeff Roufus Win KO
8. Rob van Esdonk Win KO
9. Mike Bernardo Loss TKO
10. Peter Kramer Win KO
11. Dennis Lane Win TKO
12. Ernesto Hoost Loss Majority Decision
13. Mike Bernardo Loss KO
14. Jerome Le Banner Win Unanimous Decision
15. Bart Vale Win TKO
16. Duane Van Der Merwe Win KO
17. Ernesto Hoost Win KO
18. Mike Bernardo Win KO
19. Sadau Kiatsongrit Win TKO
20. Stan Longinidis Win TKO
21. Masaaki Satake Win Unanimous Decision
22. Musashi Win Unanimous Decision
23. Peter Aerts Loss TKO
24. Sam Greco Draw Draw
25. Mike Bernardo Win Unanimous Decision
26. Francisco Filho Loss KO
27. Pierre Guenette Win KO
28. Masaaki Satake Win KO
29. Peter Aerts Win Unanimous Decision
30. Ernesto Hoost Loss Unanimous Decision
31. Curtis Shuster Win Unanimous Decision
32. Peter Aerts Win Unanimous Decision
33. Mike Labree Win KO
34. Mark Russell Win KO
35. Miyamoto Masaaki Win KO
36. Ray Sefo Win TKO
37. Sam Greco Win Majority Decision
38. Peter Aerts Loss KO
39. Tsuyoshi Nakasako Win KO
40. Ray Sefo Win TKO
41. Stefan Leko Win Unanimous Decision
42. Maurice Smith Win Unanimous Decision
43. Hiromi Amada Win TKO
44. Ernesto Hoost Loss Unanimous Decision
45. Musashi Win Majority Decision
46. Glaube Feitosa Win Unanimous Decision
47. Mirko Cro Cop Filipović Win Unanimous Decision
48. Nobu Hayashi Win KO