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Andrew Golota

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Boxer Andrew Golota


Andrew Golota brought to you by The Best Fighters.

Andrew Golota Biography - Andrew Golota Boxing Record

The Andrew Golota Biography

Andrzej Gołota was born January 5th 1968 in Warsaw, Poland. Andrew Golota is a former boxer best known in the Heavyweight Division.

Bernard Hopkins is a 1988 Olympic Bronze Medallist at Seoul in the Heavyweight division.

Andrew Golota Boxing Record
Total Fights = 51
Total Wins = 41
Total Wins by KO = 33
Draws = 1
No contest = 1
Total Losses = 8


Andrew Golota Biography


Andrew Golota Boxing Record

Andrew Golota as beat big names such as  and more.

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  • Andrew Golota 

Andrew Golota Products

Andrew Golota Boxing Record

Fight Number Fought Against  Result Way of Winning
1. Roosevelt Shuler Win TKO
2. Joe Jones Win KO
3. Charles Presswood Win KO
4. Joey Christjohn Win TKO
5. Robert Smith Win PTS
6. James Holly Win KO
7. Aaron Brown Win TKO
8. Eddie Taylor Win TKO
9. Andre Crowder Win TKO
10. Bobby Crabtree Win TKO
11. Kevin P Porter Win KO
12. Carlton West Win TKO
13. Marion Wilson Win PTS
14. Andre Smith Win KO
15. Calvin Jones Win TKO
16. Donnell Wingfield Win TKO
17. Larry Davis Win KO
18. Terry Davis Win TKO
19. Jesse Shelby Win TKO
20. Jeff Lampkin Win RTD
21. Darren Hayden Win TKO
22. Dwayne Hall Win TKO
23. Marion Wilson Win UD
24. Samson Po'uha Win TKO
25. West Turner Win TKO
26. Jason Waller Win TKO
27. Charles Hostetter Win TKO
28. Danell Nicholson Win TKO
29. Riddick Bowe Loss DQ
30. Riddick Bowe Loss DQ
31. Lennox Lewis Loss KO
32. Eli Dixon Win KO
33. Jack Basting Win TKO
34. Corey Sanders Win UD
35. Tim Witherspoon Win UD
36. Jesse Ferguson Win UD
37. Quinn Navarre Win TKO
38. Michael Grant Loss TKO
39. Marcus Rhode Win TKO
40. Orlin Norris Win UD
41. Mike Tyson NC No Contest
42. Brian Nix Win TKO
43. Terrence Lewis Win TKO
44. Chris Byrd Draw Draw
45. John Ruiz Loss UD
46. Lamon Brewster Loss TKO
47. Jeremy Bates Win TKO
48. Kevin McBride Win TKO
49. Mike Mollo Win UD
50. Ray Austin Loss RTD
51. Tomasz Adamek Loss TKO

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